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If you are a member of a church, openly <transgender> and your pastor has problems with or questions about <transgender>, here's an excellent resource written by a Presbyterian minister and gender therapist.



--- Quote from: Kiera on February 23, 2007, 04:08:19 am ---My therapist knows and has collaborated with Erin quite a bit in the past and for once I feel fortunate to be living in the Atlanta area.

--- End quote ---

Are you seeing Virginia?  And being TG in Atlanta is a lot better than being TG in say, Cordele.  ;)

--- Quote --- “Does everything have to be about gender, about how you look, about chatting with your support group friends?”
--- End quote ---

I did a seminar on this topic called "The Balancing Act" at SCC a few years ago although it was primarily aimed at married CD's.  Virginia and Erin both attended as my "expert witnesses" to handle the really hard questions.


David W. Shelton:
This topic is stickied... good information here, folks!

Yes it is excellent information.  When Bev posted it in February, I actually provided a link to it from my blogs.  It's not only good for the pastor folks!


Thats cool and all, except the members of my religion are closeminded and believe everything their "Prophets" tell them... even if archeology, scientific or medical discoveries prove otherwise. I am probably one of the few Mormons (and I was as closemind as the rest once) that does not believe the church is true. I believe in their concept of god and the afterlife (save for the fact that I think God is probably female) and nothing more (because of this I refuse to go through their mason like temple rituals). I'll try to show my bishop this though i'm pretty sure I know what the response will be.


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