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Thank you for the link.  Very informative and well said.  I'm going to send it to my pastor and see what happens. 

My Mother tells me that any church that accepts me is not a Christian church but something else.  I really don't believe that.  I think people are just uniformed and this is not a moral or religious decision I am making here.  I am just being exactly as I was created to be.

Thanks for the imfo,i have been through seven church's and finally found one that is accepting!!

Caisie Breen:

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If you are a member of a church, openly <transgender> and your pastor has problems with or questions about <transgender>, here's an excellent resource written by a Presbyterian minister and gender therapist.


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Wow! This is great material. I come from a very conservative church that I have been a member of for years. Although I left sometime ago, I still have a few people I feel very close to and want to explain things to them.

It will be very hard for them to understand as the church is not only very conservative, I actually was an activist teaching against who I am today, twenty plus years ago.

Anyway, again, I find this material to be very interesting and I hope it will help me as I begin to dialogue with my old church leadership.

Excellent information indeed, though a bit old by now. :)

I wonder if I could contact the Association and request authorization to translate it to Portuguese? My local pastors, from an LGBT-accepting church who are starting only now to include gender identity concerns in their agenda, are both fluent in English, so I can just forward this material. My family, on the other hand, has quite a few traditional Presbyterian pastors who refuse to talk to me or strike a conversation at all - including my father - so it'd be great to have this available in Portuguese.

I see that this is an old posting most recently replied to in 2015, but would like to know how to open the link. It doesn't respond to clicking on it.


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