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Hey fellow Veteran's,

I have some news concerning VA directive 2011-024 which is the newest directive for the treatment of transgender and intersex Veteran's. As most of you know as of right now the VA will not pay for SRS. Well I talked with the Doctor who is in charge of this directive and he told me that is going to change and change soon. He did not say it outright, but I'm pretty certain that SRS will be provided by the VA very soon. This is some very good news for us. I am just starting my journey, but I know many Veteran's who will be over joyed with this news. There was also a lot of talk that this directive was a "draft" copy and not valid for care. Well it is a valid directive except for the SRS. I asked a doctor in Washington DC and he told me that exact thing. So if any VA branch give you any problems concerning Transgender/Intersex care let them know its all valid. Hopefully whose who want SRS will have it available soon.

Much love,


that would be a pleasant surprise but thet lack the exp not sure iwant that


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