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T-mobile add with TG


Sprint / T-mobile ran an add today talking about the high cost of cell phone bills.

Dad walk into son's room.  We see him in a dress and putting on lipstick.  Startled son turns, smears his lipstick, and says, "Dad, I can explain..."

"You can explain 10 cell phone calls in one day?!" Dad replies and walks out.  Not one word about the dress.

The end shot show the same family, including the son int he dress.  Their spokeswoman, after doing her pitch for T-mobile, says to the boy "Nice Dress."  The boy smiles and thanks her.  The tone, I thought, was complimentary, and not derrogitory.

It was a great spot and I thought showed the tg boy in a fairly positive light.  If there was a negative, it was the boy's lipstick was still smeared, but T-mobile always keeps the target familyin the same 'condition' at the end of the spot.

I don't recall another major advertizer showing anyone who was cross dressed since the Holiday Inn spot a few years ago.  I take this as a positive step towards acceptance.


Sarah Louise:
I have seen the add and don't really feel that it show anything in a good light.  How many TS people do you know who would smear their lipstick all over their face?  I don't even know any CD's who would do that.


I have to disagree.  He was startled and obviously frightened about his father's reaction.  I thought the smearing was reasonable. 

Picture somone putting on their mascara while they are driving.  Someone comes along and leans on the horn.  The person putting on the mascara is going to turn and leave a big black mark on their face.

(No, I do NOT do this...  But my cousin has admitted to doing this on occassion.  Especially if the woman is weaving across the traffic lanes as she does her makeup while driving at 40 mph (65 kph).)


I suppose you could get into over analysis of the add but the smeared lipstick from the TG(we don't know if she is TS or not) being startled by being discovered by her dad is funny especially when she is still wearing the smeared lipstick at the table. This is part of the comic aspect to these commercials and sounds as if it was done without the slightest bit of derisiveness to the humor. I would be a little concerned about a parent who cared more about their cell phone bill then what their children were doing, but it is just a commercial for cell phone service after all.



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