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ok let me explain a little bit about my weight problem and ask for any good advice

first of all i used to smoke and when i did i weighed 9 stone and could eat as much as i liked
when i stoped smokeing 5 years ago i went up to 11 stone and looked pregnant my waist went from 28" to 32" and my uper body seems wider i now need a uk 12 in a skirt but 14 in a top or dress when before i could always get comfortably into a 12

now i have been trying to diet for 18 months but can only get down to 10 stone 9lb
 even if i only have one meal a day it seems to make no difference
i have tried eating eggs for breakfast and all sorts ie salad for tea soup for lunch but still stay the same.

exercise i go mountain bike riding about 3 times a week and about 20 miles each time but i just feel so hungry when i come back that i am sure i over eat to compensate for the energy i have used

any ideas how to sensably loose weight?

Blood Type Diet

'nuff said

I used the Atkins diet and lost 50 pounds in 3 month!



--- Quote from: VeryGnawty on May 25, 2005, 02:11:55 pm ---Blood Type Diet

'nuff said

--- End quote ---

when I saw this I though it was some sort of kindred diet

silly me


The blood type diet is good, but no matter what diet you use keep in mind that burning calories is the most important aspect of it.

When you eat less your body tends to loose muscle first before fat, so you have to excercise to replace that muscle to stay healthy.

You also want to keep your metabolism burning. Lower caloric intake tends to lower your burner. Exercise help keep it up some. Another good way to keep your matabolism burner high is to eat a lot just one day a week. What that does is keep your body from thinking it has to become more efficient, and you won't make back the defict of the rest of the week in one day. It is a technique I learned long ago when I was (ugh!) into body building. It really does work too, we used to call it our "pigout day."



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