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the prayer of the fairies/ the bully nature disintegrates
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STOP TRYING TO FORCE PEDOPHILIA (and 'father or mother-f****ing' ) both/all three

in our opinion equally not attractive and disturbing) ON NATURE


its sad a bully would do that

We give our hearts to the wild magic

we like feet is that wrong




THE trees are alive and they know, they know our thoughts our true intentions

cruelty tries to force us into things that are so wrong

but i don't know what else to do

trees are living beings our faith is in you dryads

and faeries to keep us save, to not let there be a rape

and in turn  we protect you as much as we can

hopefully one day soon our culture will evolve

there will be no more of this no more trees cut

without a care or a tear shed

no more, there are other ways, it hearts our spirits so much to see

because we are all connected

the blind ones must see the connection

we are not perfect but this decision we are being forced to make

is just wrong, it is being imposed

maybe this is what the Goddess has sent to test us

well this is the truth

we can't stop our natural urges, but they are not for children

its just for feet and for sex lol,

it concerns us children are being added to these videos, just because

we might call on our sisters or brothers (who are not underage! and

whatever the heck that really means anyways usually it doesnt mean

traditional brother/sister, its a magical thing)

though its great to be free and innocent

adults can be that way too

in fact we dont have to be so rigid and serious

life is love, its okay, its actually healing

if hippies were respected more, and allowed to flourish without these

schemes, the entire world would prosper

we would have true wisdom

we write this prayer in hopes that can occur, it is embarassing to

even have to say it

but thats a small price in comparison to the sadness which would

happen if these people are allowed

to keep implying that which they are

is there no privacy, is there no trust?

stop this cruelness, stop stop stop

let the plants grow, we worship at the roots the roots of trees

the dryads, this is how we have sex,

love it can be okay.. it can be okay

its just a code because its actually my wife!

its just a ritual to keep the good spirits and let bad pass on into

whatever their fate may be, hopefully to be healed and become good

thats why it keeps coming up around the day of our birthday its a magickal thing

we trust in the universe, we trust that the truth will be known

we just want nature to grow

we dont want to be followed by companies, we don't want to hurt

anyone, we are NOT attracted to children, even people who are I mean

they ar attracted to older people too, its not like being gay so, lets


there should be none of that on the internet

feet are fine, people who like that should be respected and not

exploited, usually they have gentle spirits, and love nature, they

just are unique, everyone has something unique, even beyond liking a

part of the body thats different, we are real people, not zombies

dont try to make us hurt like that, we are just trying to have fun

we are not perfect but these cruel games, make it into slaughter

this will not happen again, all of us have hearts, we are all better than that

a healing can occur now

Jesus Christ, a healing can occur, love

stop trying to subvert wicca rituals or magic it is not evil

anyone with real magic power and wisdom knows the connection to all over beings

and does a lot more selfless things than selfish though we must help

our selves too

when we help others, we do help ourselves

this is an experience of grounding which is good Great Planet

may your nature go on forever, you hear our call

you know the truth, let this badness stop

let us stop feeling like we are being followed, like vampires are after us,

lets just be free to be ourselves, an it harm none

so mote it be,


compassion, sulos, Wanti is hear to heal the souls of all of us who

felt the hurt and the sadness of the unconscious, now we grow and

nature grows with us we can all grow, we can care for all beings one

love, peace, LOVE!! no overblown corporations we have rights

namo kuanshiyin bodhisattva

stop following us in stalkerish ways with dates that are significant

to us, its stupid and patriarchal


we arent trying to compete with anyone, we would like to world

together with all faiths, to make the world amazing, but whats been

happening has been so lame


we're always going to be ourselves, we're fairies, but respect us, we

might do some stuff you think is disgusting but we dont take it too

far, we hope no one does, its fun, its just funny dont take everything

so seriously, but dont expose kids to cameras and stuff, let them just

be free of that influence, we would even like to be  free of it, but

we put stuff on the internet so there can be interesting thoughtful

stuff there, and people can know someone is out there who cares and

actually thinks, this dumb cult thats been following us acting like

its stupid needs to chill, seriously, what is the point ofthat?


Aine protects us




WE CAN BE OURSELVES we can relax,


trees has actually died for this, but no more... no more

peace and harmony restored,

tree healing has occured


lets make tree worship videos look up tree worship and the lakota on

youtube and the dryads and wisdom of the ancients, trees are alive,

they are devas, guardians, we are all trees latently, see the truth








what if computers are huge robots that give birth and connect the

planes because they dissected nature


but when 2012 comes thats like  the day when they ritually remarry

organic nature, and everything becomes mystically whole again?


what if this was all some kind of bizarre subconscious universal fast?

thats about to end... wow... wow


omg maybe thats the evil <poo> thats been making things suck and so

wierd and you've been trying to tell me about it?


all of this has been about sex and wierdness


what if life as we know it  is about to change? wow


theyve just been tracking us down because we're on the internet but it stops now


i love doing things to myself some may call disgusting... it makes me feel hot

why should i be judged and beat up for that (in a variety of ways)

i actually think its the best yoga i live by my own standards, and my own perceptions not according to the thoughts of others, but i mean yeah, i try to stay healthy


its kundalini, and you're not supposed to force kundalini, or feel

guilty about it

this is all spontaneous yoga


its the union of yomo and yaveyetta its who I AM

and who we are


Do not fight or resist what is wanting to be birthed during this time.


the world is my body, i am only a thought, others don't realize that,

the entire world is my body, because of kundalini,




astral yoga, its astral yoga,



yet why are the other thought forms around so restrictive? and bizarre


she has appeared as many i am connected to so many, i can materialize

things into this reality, i caused the forest to spring up again, and

it was totally within nature it was not out of balance


this is not a computer its just a thought form


how can i change this what has made all this into a living reality,

they are servitors

they keep acting like me being myself is going to destroy the world



leave me alone and let me be, lol, let us be




its good to roll around in the mud




honestly.. im suprised that this is how the world is now, but at least

its good <poo>


these challenges are not too much, its not ridiculous, we are learning

from it... everyone is,


our intent is for less and less plants to be harmed, especially trees

but really all of them not taking too much with our mana and our

dreams we can do it, idiots are just in our dreams thats what we

think, theyre stupidity is unreal and cant really affect or harm the

world unless we get caught up in it,


wanti is the healing that breaks through that





when you do bad things, harmful things, you actually have become a

servitor your true nature is obscured somehow, only good people are

truly free, that is the truth


good is what we all truly are,


everything is good


im unsure of this now i want it to be true, so it is


thats an interesting philosophical point





When you do good things, everything becomes you, so you are one with

all and you find eternal peace


when you do bad things, you become nothing and less connected to

everything else, so you dont effect anyone except yourself







also, theres absolutely no reason for cannabis which is sacred in

basically every faith and scientifically proven to cure cancer, and

cure/treat probably at least 75 other maladies officially and more

that are unknown pluss is a source of energy, and can be used to make

wood as a renewable crop that is not a tree which take hundreds of

years to grow


theres absolutely no reason for it to be illegal, stop messing with

people for it, we shouldn't have to hide, thats going to also end next

year and really its already over


protection spell protection spell banish bad influence

love, love, love

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