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Dear Folks,


dear , i sincerely think israel and the jewish peoples would have a

much easier time and much less death and israel would just be a much

more chiller place if people focused more on the mystical truths than

on just genetics and stuff, for example i was banned from the jcc and

b'nai israel apparently because i went there and said 'everything is

god' all i wanted to do was be among the hebrew



       i thought maybe they would understand that there might be a

deeper connection there, anyone willing to give themselves to god, etc

would be welcome.. but instead i was shunned, i was at another temple,

where the doors were open, and i went in, and it was just like the guy

was talking about how the jews are the amanita people, who are

unstoppable, even though so much has happens to them, still the faith

continues but then it just disintegrated into a bunch of talk about

how other countries sucked and stuff, and i think if the perspective

that all countries are really one was more prevalent and people who

spoke at temples were more spiritual and less about politics, it could

actually be incredibly healing


 moreso its surprising that there is such strangeness to me for saying

that i am hebrew in some sense or at least authentically jewish, when

most of the people there are from russia, from what i understand the

original jews are from arabia, something like that... but theres many

kinds, but more importantly because it doesnt even seem like thats

relevant because judaism is a faith


       God loves everyone, its not a physical thing, its a spiritual

thing, i see signs everywhere that connect me back to the faith, and i

think maybe a big reason all the fighting is happening is because of

all the exclusiveness, not just from people who are total outsiders

who dont believe or respect judaism maybe, but even from people who

actually do believe in it or some version of it


       why should we be shunned? perhaps its because we are not there

that peace cannot happen, because the true people are not able to come

together for some bizarre unexplained reason, because the temples seem

to just be concerned with property and not solely with the divine

truth, divine love


      everything is jewish, did God not create the entire world? is

God not everything? when that is the main focus, instead of these

material things, then israel can truly be what it is meant to be, and

the material things will definitely come, and even the whole world

will have peace, but until then there is pointless destruction,

because people think they are superior to others, but its not like

that, if you really knew God you would see that you actually are

everything and everything in the universe, and you can cast none out,

because we are a people of Love

[link removed] 

I highly recommend this book along with meditation and, as a means to

heal and uplift perhaps the entire world, the entire soul, and yeah...


this book is where i would start, before even the torah, or the bible and really even as a substitute for those books

because it contains the essence of the teachings with what seems like an honest atttempt at the minimum

amount of ego manipulation and maybe it really is completely selfless, its effect is pure though the names are there, its apparent that its from something beyond all that


truly a sacred text


peace and love

Simone Louise:
Judaism is not simply a faith; Jews are a people. Jews are not a race, nor do we all look alike; indeed Jews of color are increasingly common. Any sincere non-Jew can become a Jew through a process of conversion. Such people are called Jews by choice and have the same rights and privileges as a Jew by birth. There is no creed that a Jew by birth is required to believe.

Jews recognize that non-Jews can be righteous. Righteous non-Jews are celebrated, and are welcome most anywhere Jews congregate. The congregation I attend elected a non-Jew president of the board of trustees before she officially converted. Jewish law requires that we love the stranger in our midst.

One who comes to a synagogue to proselytize is not welcome. For centuries, Jews were required to listen to those whose message was that the Torah and Talmud were superseded. We do not react kindly to reminders of that message.

We look forward to a time when all nations are united as one. Until that time, politics and discussions of security for Jews throughout the world will of necessity occur where Jews live, meet, and worship.

Wikipedia, in the section about Hillel (a rabbi who died 2100 years ago), reports that "a Gentile ... asked that the Torah be explained to him while he stood on one foot.... Hillel said: "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn" (Shab. 31a). Hillel recognized brotherly love as the fundamental principle of Jewish moral law. (Lev. xix. 18)." In that spirit, I say to you, treeworshipper: go and learn.



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