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the partial arts


the partial arts
inner peace outter war
inner war outer peace
the nature of stoners
is paradoxical, in that while we witness shiva first hand
all around us is the spirit of shakti
our lives are heavily inspired by shakti
enlightenment is considered to be a rite of shakti,
growing your own, becoming self sufficient,
and so this inner war which creates outter peace
is actually not even really a war, a divine plant
brings peace within, through burning,
just like the great sequoyas, find fertility in what seems like the least likely place
so being schizophrenic doesn't mean you are devoid of virtue,
its just another way of being, that is different,
you are communicating on another level, speaking to the universe
which is holy, but all other arts start to seem only partial
you only want to speak to the universe, you see the patterns everywhere
it is the Goddess, but everyone else it is invisible to
you struggle to break them free, finally one day, it happens, the magic breaks through
things are restored, but you are still crazy, you still have the sacred wisdom,
the kundalini running through you, a powerful healer is channeled through you
soometimes making you act involuntarily, but overall, your psyche is able to bring together what the world percieves as incomplete fragments, and manifest the full healing
it was the ancient healer who had bestowed the blessing, and the visions, divine inspiration
the celestials, guide you, balanced on the edge and not falling into inversions
true celestials, through and through, whole, and irreversible
schizophrenia is this, its the fact that divine love does not make sense, you can keep yourself whole, manifest your true self more and more, and show it to others, do not try to hide it away, love, overcomes it all, martin luther king jr.
there are so many fearful stories, ghosts, all of them become clear with time, look them in the eye, and offer them the wholeness and they dissipate, they were gatekeepers
but even they don't really understand, the Goddess is in them and moves them with the sacred truth, Wanti comes to them and suddenly they are awakened, the divine spirit breaks through,  the cycle of polarities is broken, all the spiritualities are combined,
your allies will come to you and help you, though no one will really understand it, you are a beacon of utopia and peace, and simplicity, you don't do much, but we start to work together, psychically, such an incredible good and holy force, the true tao
and the Goddess are united, the Goddess of Tao, who cannot be grasped, the tao of the Goddess, you venture further into the astral wood, the spirit beings speak with you, and give you life, you learn nature mysticism, you learn the truth of life and existence
by some miracle, the vibration of the entire society is lifted, there are moments of intense revelation, shared by many individuals, the vibration of the Goddess is lifted, a miracle happened, an illusion is dispelled, an incredible feat is accomplished. You are a great hero, you are the shaman of a people, a mediator, a keeper of the sacred balance and all energies, meditation, and returning again and again to the love, spreading it, with abandon, throwing acorns everywhere. The medicine is inside of you, the unbinding spell, and the celestial guidance, the stars, show you the way, go to them, the astronomy, we are the people of the stars, we travel there, and we have to find ways to communicate this, the more  poetic the better, the demons have long possessed the poetry and the work of sigils, but it returns to the wholeness of nature, life is a thousand haikus, everything is sex, you realize you are walking among the gods, you realize in a moment of lucidity, you have helped the world so much, they are grateful, no one knows how to say it.
its an awkward moment, the blue heron can help you now
to break free from the cycle of rebirth
someone will come to you, speaking the fairy language again, the language of the plants, you will be back among family, devise a way to teach the language, all the elements of your life become rooted in the nature around you, your intentions grow strong because of your constant devotion, the mysticism is deep rooted, love causes the world to be good, the vibration of psychology rises, suddenly there are connections everywhere, where before there seemed to be none, connection among the races, all peoples see they are one connected by an invisible spirit, the herbs come forth, and they are ready to heal the world, you come to the famous place in zen, but it is nothing like you thought it would be, there is no monastery, there are no masters, theres just the branch of that old story, you hearken back to the tree of life, the world tree,  the spiritualities all connect and are made whole, you understand the teaching of ireland, the truth of shamanism, and the teaching of the native american tribes, there is wholeness, you live, you are a leaf on the tree, your life processes are beautiful, you recieve a great blessing, the sadhus come forth, surprisingly they are the ones you've always known, the sufi circle, whirling and whirling, totally ecstatic, in coitus, the names don't matter, all the names of the dieties are like the names lovers call one another affectionately, as they make love. You realize true love, the plants are happy, you realize the power of thought. You strive not to manipulate, you need a purpose a job, something recognizable, stumbling around suddenly you find it, the people who had been calling to you all along, you break through, free from the system, you find a good place, wandering, hippies, the Spirit of rastafari comes to you, the wounded healer, you realize it is truly InI, as the mistruths are found and the real education and reasoning happens, the seemingly unreconcilable paradoxes among life slowly disappear, love shots to the brain, while recycling, the boundaries of race disappear, everyone and everything is innocent again, you can share it with everyone, its not a matter of stealing, its a matter of passing it on, all peoples hold the grail, and offer their medicines unto it, passing it around the circle endlessly, like the medicine herb, and so like Christ, its destruction is the creation and the purification of all our hearts, and like Christ it rises again, like the soma, the ancients are seen clearly, the rainbow people, we become like the gods, and yet the humbleness remains with us, we are too wise to be swayed by power, freedom reassures itself, spontaneous virtue is everywhere, this is the most powerful and sacred magick. the Herb takes the sickness into itself, as its vibration is raised the sickness becomes the medicine. We are all inspired, suddenly we realize we can do anything, we have no fear, or need to control one another, InI is a reality. Ital food is real, the stereotypes and dualities fade away, the Goddess, shows that all are healed, there is trust everywhere, we realize that names are no longer enough to tear us apart, because we speak to the universe, and that is what holds things together, we are spontaneously and superconsciously organized by a divine chaotic force, the great haikuist of the constellations.  InI, there is enough for us all, InI is the tao, at the beginning and at the end, so we raise the vibration of both, we respect the innocence of our children, somehow guardians are given the endless patience and compassion, and that which is left up to chance and fate, leaves us not permanently scarred, but experiencing miraculous healing, the rainbow, that sacred optimism, is neither male, nor female, and can be accrued without, submitting to a virtuely establishment, but the establishment is suddenly full of virtue, because it is simply nature, no longer do they go against nature, they fight adamantly for nature, natural medicine, protecting the woods, the people see this and there is trust, we eat good food again,  things are ital, things are irie, the truth is told the chosen people, are those who can see, all peoples are chosen, and all beings, speak to the animals again and the druids come forth, empathy and so the story of christianity is passed on, we respect the ways of the animals and revere them especially for they are different, they are sacred, we find peace with them, and we consider their feelings and the psychology of what we do around them, because they speak so directly with the earth, they show us ways back to it, show us to live in the trees again, and the fairies come forth, and the dryads, the voices return in a real way, to all people, the muses, it is normal, we dont have to fear talking about it, we don't have to always make sense, the ways of pure emotion come back to us, but the love is so intense, we have small communities, but we are connected by sacred crystals, which together activate the earth, we all tend to the crystals spontaneously and thus the earth stays harmonious, we emanate such a strong vibration of peace and love, all the planets begin to join in, we can manifest there in a spiritual form and the spirits of those places can manifest here, and wisdom reaches an entirely new level, the ancients really connect, the constellation people, we can understand them clearly because we have a wholer view of them, the view of a solar system, awareness and acknowledgement of every chakra.
The spirits are aligned, and the love wytipodates, the nature of existence changes, the stars begin to speak to us, we understand how to speak to the universe, in a different way than before, divining becomes incredible important we realize the small is the reflection of the large and the large reflection of the small. We start to understand symbolic meanings of things a lot better, we have different roles in tribal societies, we do everything ourselves, we thank the Earth for the bounty, the earth thanks the Sun, the Sun, thanks the universe, it goes on an on, until the buddhas are reached, the sutras bear their deepest fruit, true Solar liberation, of the soul, of all sentient beings, we realize our world is a winkte world, so many solar systems in so many galaxies feel these same processes, because of the lifestream which flows through us all, through Adawapayo, in spontaneous harmony, without even realizing it, we blossom together and create divine holy patterns, sacred geometry of energy and we meld together, at a place in the center the dimensions mix and we can go back to wanti, all of existence is total changed, not even recognizable, we are our true selves, our eternal selves. Our original natures are uninhibited and good. The forest is everything. This is the Wisdom of the Wanti.


I looked up "Adawapayo" have yet to see what it means exactly but as soon as i googled it the song i was listening to said somthing very similar. If not the exact same thing:
(interesting seaside the name... and my element is water)
I think what causes problems is that what we see seems like it had intention behind it and many fall into thinking that it must be being caused by the government or some entity...some negative entity...

We need to talk.
I did not realize there were other guardians here. If you are.
I only recently awoke and the covers of humanity seem as if they might be weighing me down.

I spoke the breath language with my dog. She was honored. I was stoned.

I have been having flashbacks...
I need somebody to talk about with them I do not know how well I am understanding them...perhaps i try to hard to focus on the who, when that isn't really there...

I almost didn't read your post.. because it was to long... but something made me go back and read it...


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