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the sidhe
« on: October 07, 2011, 09:54:00 am »
life is so strange, we are actually really quiet people... we've been
crying so much no one gets us, its hard being winkte, and then being
scottish and a bunch of other <poo> okay (all the way back to wanti)?
its not a complaint just try to understand this language aint built
for folk like us

i'm a universal person!

I'm a universal being!

now lemme teach you something about the sidhe
because its effing 2012

we are the sidhe!

wantism is a fairy faith

tir na nog is a place, Dana is the Great Mother

the sidhe are the tuatha de danaan a lot of people talk <poo> and have no idea,

for us, this actually hasnt caused us to repeat a past endlessly, it
actually just allowed us to be free to define ourselves and life our
own lives, though we are still connected to the ancestors

final fantasy 7 tells the story best, in our opinion, but thats just
our version of the story, which isn't nessecarily truer than any other

we've always lived with the mushrooms, we are mushroom people, this is
hard to explain, we change shape and stuff...

all the stuff that we arent allowed to believe by the patriarchy

we're not really physical beings, essentially, we're more oon the astral plane

we're actually connected to all beings of this planet, some people are
all about pride but this isn't pride, i mean im just another being,
its just so you know what the truth is

i dont wallow in pride personally, i just do what i enjoy... i mean
yeah i think if anything, there should be pride in being humble

but you know we all have our own way, ad nothing is beter or worse

Dagda is the good god, he can give life or take it with either side of his staff

airmid is goddess of the herbs

rastafari actually comes from us at a intersection in the cultures

seelie and unseelie is actually not that important to us we are a lot
more varied than that, we're not like one type of being we have a lot
of shapes and sizes so its kind of wierd, ya know fairies its chaotic,
so you hear about kings and queens and you think of these orderly
courtts its actually very very different

thats all for now, aigy

rastafari is different though, its very different, im not rastafarian
nor to i agree with all of those ideals

one love yes though and all beings are one
all gods are really one, yes

and yeah lots of fairies partake of cannabis, because we are plant spirits, and yeah, its awesome, it heals a lot stops uptightness brings for together and smells good, and brings unity beyond dumb distinctions

when you get down to all 9/10 spiritualities are forms of canthiesm, meaning they hold cannabis to be a sacred and healing plant



Re: the sidhe
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and just a side note about celtic peoples

ancient celtic culture is actually extremely nature friendly biodegradable impermanent and nomadic much the same as african or native american, they did not take slaves of other peoples
it respects all life, though they were fierce warriors among them, and believed in reincarnation and immortality of the soul, if you owed someone in one life and died you would still have to pay it back in the next life
some celts were thought to have migrated anciently from west africa, freely by boat
others were thought to have beamed down from crazy spaceships, others were said to come out of the ground, or from plants, much like the creation stories of peoples and beings all over the world

and trees were very highly revered and protected, in places where they settled down usually families had a tree that was special to them. To hurt a tree for anything less than the most extreme necessity was something punishable by death. And when wood was used the life of the tree was respected and it happened in a way to cause the least harm.

the wanti sidhe believe that all beings and all creation originally sprouting from an infinite place we call wanti at the peripheral of the universe, and are connected by the world tree adawapayo, which makes up the formations of the stars, the worlds, and all beings but we also acknowledge the nature of wanti is very fluid and appears in many manifestations, its a polymorphic place, a place of dream, ultimate reality, chaos, spontaneous divine order and primordial love.

sometimes the tree is also pictured as a mushroom