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Who's your favorite superhero?

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Any media. Comics, books, cartoons, etc.

I'm a DC fan myself, but I don't have any specific superhero I adore over all others. I'm a Batman fanboy, and I pay most attention to him or any of the sidekick characters, but he's not my favorite.

I like Iron man, because he is cocky, arrogant, and super hot.

Spider man is pretty awesome too, because he is so ordinary

Mmm, Spiderman. I was trying to think of a girl one, but I could only think of Wonder Woman, Invisible Woman, and Hawke Girl, and I was like meh. Actually no I change my mind, Raven from Teen Titans. ^.^

I can definitely tell you who my least favorite superhero is, SUPERMAN!!!

She Hulk
The Silver Surfer

And even though she is a villain I like Mystique the most.

Mystique! Yes! :D Definately!


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