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ecstatic rant
« on: October 09, 2011, 10:52:17 am »
(said some kind of negative stuff then edited it because i dont think it should be on the forum open like that)

thats awesome you are a high priestess, im not trying to join your coven, im just trying to understand why im in the situation im in, it is very negative, i think i had to confront my shadow side
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Re: ecstatic rant
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2011, 01:48:00 pm »
As a High Priestess, I could not let you in my coven with an attitude like that. I don't know you personally so this post is not about judging you personally. I am only responding by the things you wrote.

If you profess to be Pagan then you understand there are many Gods and Goddesses to worship. How can we, as Pagans, profess to be tolerant to worship a pantheistic and poly society of deities and then exclude the Christ figure? Who is to say he is not a God? To say so easily that one can worship Hercules or Ishtar or Mithra but condemn those who worship Jesus as a God? That just boggles my mind.

Also, Pagans have been misunderstood for centuries. Comparing Christians to Nazi elitism is only completing the circle of hate and misunderstanding. Yes, there are Christians who have done many bad things in the name of their God but as a High Priestess, I can say without hesitation or shame that there were and are Pagans who do the very same thing. To focus bitterment on one religion as we had been the focus of hatred is like us......the oppressed becoming the oppressor.

The Bible is stupid? One may criticize the Bible or put it down or say the stories are not true. While I do not believe in the literal stories of the Bible (such as a whale swallowing Jonah, etc) I do believe in the truths that many stories in the Bible has to say. Love you neighbor and Love your God is one big truth I adhere too.  Ghandi once remarked how he read the "Sermon on the Mount" and was terribly moved.

You seemed to be hurt by the Christian church. There is no denying that. Nor am I here to try to change your mind or belittle your experience.

But I have to say you are wrong about Christianity on the whole. What you are doing is you are stereotyping all Christians just as people have Stereotyped us.

True joy can come in the expression of worshipping your God while respecting other religions. If there is a sect of a religion that condemns you, then banish it and leave it. Just do not assume EVERYONE of that religion is the same way.

I am Ordained as a Witch
I am Ordained as a Christian Pastor

I am completely at peace when I come to my altar and call my quarters.


Re: ecstatic rant
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2011, 06:16:14 pm »
i do have to say though, ive read it extensively, and i dont think the bible is that great of a document, just psychologically, it doesn't have that great of an effect

many of the actions which are justified in it, like pillages other people for having other gods, i dont find morally sound

also the thing about not worshipping idols

like it says in the christianity forum, i consider myself a rainbow catholic, and i consider the bible itself to be an idol, the true bible is all of life, including the trees

the way i see it, the printed bible is like this

the tree is the actual living Jesus, the living religion that has no dogma its just pure experience and its actually the most connected to the earth and the universe

when they tree is cut down to make a bible its like the crucifixion

hopefully all those trees do rise again though

but meanwhile the bible itself is filled with deception and corruption,

i understand using the bible as like a sigil, but ive read so much of it, i can't trust it any more there are books that are kinder and less warlike to put my energy into and around, and dont cause harm to trees

l'm a peasant

as far as being a pagan, the way we see it, anyone who perceives a multiplicity of things around them is a pagan even if you believe in only One diety, if you talk to people, as seperate from yourself, and interact in a world, open doors, recognize there are different words, they don't all mean the same thing, you are pagan, because all those spirits are alive, and they are all divine.

we all have our own ways of expressing our spirituality, for many it happens spontaneously and we dont even think about it, for others its different but its all equally valid

though we percieve a myriad its all one,
all the Gods are one, and religions are one, they are a part of consciousness a part of awareness they are all connected and they are all one, there is no division between them.

Just Being and watching what is happening
don't seperate it just because 'thats the rule' it really is the same, the boundaries are artificial, its all one thing

an it harms none do as ye will
everything is love

if I were to write a bible it would be like a story about people walking around talking to animals and stuff, and every other line would say, Everything is Love, Everything is Love


Re: ecstatic rant
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2011, 06:26:53 pm »
don't defend the book, defend the tree, the tree of life