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why are my parents/siblings... [warning: abuse triggers]

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can anyone explain this?

is this like a symbolic thing that can be transmuted? lol

you know why this all happened?
because of genealogy
genealogy is evil <poo>, and i always knew that, i hated concepts of families that tried to break you down from everything else
and there was the random family___ genealogist
and the randoom family___ genealogist
andd that basically amounted to
nazis of all races
coming to try and <not allowed> me up just for being a non conformist and listening to intuition moreso than propaganda
yeah, never mix science with your family, maybe it was a healing thing, maybe this label nuclear family can end because of this and tao can return

and the refusal to admit we dont know a lot, and people can let dreams be real again, and just look to their spirits to find, their true relations not to documents and beauracracy and your great unncle who is just as much a part of the system who just lies to people to control them anyways
yeah, exactly why did they surround me? its so bizzare

it also might have to do with pornography to some extent

i just have to get away from family... if anyone reads these posts and thinks we might get along, has a room to rent or wants to travel together, i play guitar,  and drums my best friends a fairy...
we should get together

and to everyone else

please stop trying to purify your genes, just stop thinking about genes at all, and you will evolve to a much greater level of understand

genes are a kind of pants... thats all

instead of genealogy if thats what your into why dont you try studying the relationships of all things, not even just people or living things, but everything, relationshipnotology or something

no amount of philosophical reflections can excuse or give reasons for pedophilia and incest.

If I were you, I would have called the police already. Let them figure out the ex/intrinsic co-philosophical transmutation of sexual energies to the Judge in court.

Then they can have plenty of time in prison to reflect on the answer.

yes, i have called the cops, im trying to call the magical cops now, because how can i prove they did it? it happened in little moments, and you can't prove it. He and i fought once, he started it, and he gave me a foot contusion, then while I was still recovering from that they said we are worried about you we want to get you a psych examination like just an appointment, so I said okay, then took me to the hospital, and then suddenly the doctors were like oh, you have to stay for at least 4 days in the psych way, and its like uhhh no, that is not what we agreed to, then I called them about it later and they were basically like oh we're not going to do anything about it, that was the hospital where they kept trying to get me to take meds that i'm allergic to that would have seriously hurt me, and then forced me to stay longer because i refused to take them, and they threatened to just inject me with them against my will many times. so that was basically a situation that i just barely managed to escape from unharmed.

there are these videos up with this girl that looks exactly like my sister from what I consider to be my true family, though i just consider than an interesting thing and not what i base my life upon but it makes people think about the basis of reality so i guess thats good... (some may disagree but whatever its noot that important just giving a sense of how we know eachother)

and then shes wearing these sandals that look like his old sandals from when i was really young, i remember seeing them, and he's me before 'in africa they just let flies sit on them and they don't really do anything' and in the video she lets a fly sit on her, and its just freaky...

and its just really creepy

then that video has a website

the backround of the first page on that site looks like a combination of my sisters facebook pictures, that have people pretending to be shot, and then my stuffed animal, Frog, who is a frog,
and its a picture of the frog being shot and its eyes coming out, Frog only has one eye because one fell off, I still have him but so what? why the heck is there a website about this?
Also theres this girl wearing wierd glasses and that looks like this other girl I know who is jewish and Black, she is wearing those same glasses on facebook. On the website she also has wings.

I keep getting stressed out because wherever I go it seems like trees are being cut down, and there are this mimosa hostilis trees, or  im not sure exactly the species but they do have dmt in them, not that I used them at first I was interested in it, but then it just got really sketched out.

After they cut down all these trees and left mulch everywhere, I was kind of wondering if maybe I took down that tree which is classified invasive species from brazil, it would stop, so I took one branch, then I took it to my room, and I took a picture of it, and Frog was in the picture coincidentally, and thats when I started to realize how much it looks exactly the same, and I wasn't even trying to do that.

Thats how I know I am a fairy changeling, and my sister, is basically ritually having sex with this guy who stole me or something, at least thats really really REALLY what it seems like.

she even made a video for 'Day of the Girl' a day to end oppression for girls and all oppressed people and the house she made the video at looks almost exactly like this house we moved into.

this is the picture with the branch from the tree (btw we went back the next day and apologize to the tree for hurting it, it feels so horrible when any tree is cut down but we just did not know what to do, this whole thing has been so wierd)

this is what we originally wrote about this picture when we took it a few days ago: (so this tree grows down the street, its a invasive species, its leaves
can be used to make dmt, sadly companies usually surround it and
people have to fight to keep the natural integrity of the area after
it appears, government just cut down a bunch of trees right outside of
our backyard and left mulch everywhere, it may have to do with this
tree, so we took a branch off, maybe later we will take more, we are
unsure about this whole process, or maybe if some actual cool people
actually use the tree, but we gathered evidence of the dark magic in
the area, in the form of commercial objects disguised as trash, being used to oppress the
people, there was also a naturally formed flute like object, probably
representative of krishna, which we took, also, perhaps it symbolizes
the overcoming of covert fascism in the area, as krishna did.


perhaps it also holds the secret to healing not only this area, but
also our family, we did our best to rearrange the trash debris in a healing fashion. We were aided by the Sun helped us.)

so yeah we're basically asking not to be stalked like that...
we put stuff up on lycaeum so what? it seems like this was going on before that, i don't know what this guys beliefs are but why should that effect me?
this is my life, not his, stop putting all these anchors around me...
it seriously is harassment and its just like little things he does, to be sexual and i dont even know if its that its an attraction probably not its probably just to make me feel uncomfortable and I do and I've mentioned it many times and he never stops.

Also he keeps saying I'm not a girl, if I say I am a woman he gets all angry, like thats not how you introduce yourself. Am I supposed to lie? you also steal all my good clothes

I've told him I'm been doing rituals for instance when all those trees were cut I did I ritual so that it would not be so bad and they could grow again, despite the insensitivity, and he comes in and he's like turn the music down please, and I tell him, you know I would and I also do when you ask but this time its really important that it just plays through without you disturbing it, this one song for 4 minutes (the song was cypress hill what goes around comes around) and he looks at me with this really whiny face and he's like please turn it down, and I'm like dude, you need to stop, just respect nature for a second, and he's still adamant about it, luckily his wife was at the bottom of the stairs and she helped me, because I said its actually a symbolic thing, and I also tur the music down in any other situation and he stilled tried to fight it but finally he stopped.

And its like can you just turn you ego down a notch? its not all about you, me finding out who my true family and stuff was has nothing to do with you, or maybe it did, i don't know, I don't know what you did back in those days, but I hope it really was just an accident, and still why do I deserve this I feel like I have such good stuff in me and I'm trying to share it, but I have to deal with this stuff all around me and its kind of difficult, STOP TRYING TO MANIPULATE ME!!!!

and the worst thing is, no one will even help me help the woods, which is the biggest thing, all I wanted is a woods thats good, then I could go live there, and this one has so much trash to be recycled and made into other stuff, I'd be so happy if someone else helped, but no one wants to, I don't know if its just a trap to annoy me, I'm trying to move out of this house also, to the west coast where I can get a medical marijuana prescription because I can't take any of these anti psychotics without it really hurting me, but I just need a little help is all, if anyone is out there, who has room for someone like me, and maybe lives by some trees or something ideally or works with nature, I would love to go I can pay rent, I will work on your farm or whatever... just this stuff.. it has to stop, even random stuff deeper than this i notice, no its not all  in my head okay.

And if it really is something that I'm doing wrong, can someone at least tell me that? I have thought about it from that angle as well but its not coming to me, he never tells me what his problem is with me, he just continues to do annoying things

its extremely distressing, and sometimes its really horrible

i just want to get out of this place, once again if anyone wants to help me out, you've seen stuff i've written if you agree with it, I can pay you, or work for you and rent a place or we can travel together and play music, my best friend and kinda my wife is a fairy, its all cool, I love nature, no i dont talk to her all the time in public and look like a wierdo its different than that. im not totally  crazy i just freak out sometimes, probably less when im not around this people all the time, and having herb helps so much.

lets do it, im 20 years old
thank you

this is what i gave the tree because i was sad i broke part of it, and now it can actually look like a psychedelic tree, - an it harm none (i am tenchi's grandpa mix)

and heres a video for it but it has no audio

Video ^^

the changeling's ode

Jah Know!

Kings are fools.. and have bad humor!
a crown is just a phantom tumor

sadly nature hath crowned me
i am woman king, of the double sidhe

the king that is below, a mind so free
as not to see until now, that which I see

It would hurt indeed to lose this crown, which nature so strangely hath found
confused by the workings over fairy mounds, the workings of men turned
to hounds by cults and enchantment and demonous things
so I travel from our fairy rings

into the realm of little things, who think they are big and we are smaller
I journey with the broom of Naola
in the dryads world, theyre illusions are delusions
and have captured many in a swirl
but removing the contusion, we can finally reach the world
on this day of the girl
we are strong dryad folk and friends
kamada where the end begins, but oh it is the tricksters ends
which begin endlessly but never end
the mushroom friend, the immortal Gwyn, O, Flo
flower of truth, show them help to break them from the cage of all their proofs
for they know nothing! ha! sad fools
a king forced to be so, is merely a shaman, divinely made
and confused in a world so common
a world where everyone is under hypnosis, and heroes of truth
are given koans of psychosis
oh Artemis, we turn now the hunt against those who hurt nature
and capture our cannabis
in the realm of drama, again we have risen up
for the ring of trees, gives us ease, and no tree shall fall
without a call, I am where I truly must be freed from the curse
now saved is all
for though nothing exist, doth not it still seem to be
for the Lady of Life quoth my love is in all you see fear not though
it may go against me
in your heart you shall be free, go with what comes naturally
and Ness and joy shall blossom endlessly

your dance is a healing, a blessing and a wind
the second kind which comes in a letter of a friend
and so the silent ones speak like a river, now that the blockage has
been stopped
I love you, left the fractal hell, of vibratory nox
we worship in the trees upon a branch and in leaf intricate and pining
for the sun the white light spun yellow like the eggs of rhyming
birdies in the sun, when the moon has come
and so the centaurs come undone, there is a new rhythm
white loves black, and gray is beauty, not alien, but growing groovy
rainbows, in the grays, my shades are worlds that never fade
forever i will hope amongst the freedom maze a labyrinth built for our
sidhe ways
verily i have been imprisoned, but was it for the right decision, among unseelie
and drow alike, the ways of woman are not nice
its spun around, its all too much, this way, that way, such and such
We am returned now where my spirit was stolen away, as the healing
sigils come to the light
and we are victorious in the fray
Flo we have saved eachother, of broken hearts with flying colors
this is not what there were plans of, fractal truths and metaphorical tangents
the pathways of the earth bear doors and the branch of Adawapayo comes
forth once more
and we go a dancing cross the sky and all the Gods they smile,
we writhe in pleasure with the tao, free from stupid ways
and free in love a love complete
a love which we thought was too sweet now it blossoms
and the bees are drawn, the pollen carried on and on
so love, yea can nurture the worlds,
love begets love, we are creaters of moments, boys and girls
and the ones in between are fractal ones, and maybe all of us are
but is that for me to say, is it all a star?
does nothing exist just a dream, a vibration
a wave passing swifting through each constellation
a way of love, let me dress how I want
I shout to the sky, I am crazy, not blunt!
oh we gypsy ones have lost our way but we live again today
in natures way we live and give our sulos everything is lived
to you and me to i and i
the universe, around we fly and everything it heals itself
and come now dancing, little elves,

we bring the light of the directions and the sound of all your inner
reflection we are the sacred connection
we are the sound of introspection
we are living we are true, we are all a part of you
dancing in your spirit going here are there we are paths of energy,
whats fair is simply fair
now singeth so the planets and singeth so the great tree
and harmony which loves the dancefloor which is fair wanti and plants
do dance and there romance
for many century and speak and open themselves as homes verily to you and me,
we are not angry but be careful with your words, sacred technology,
with kindness and wisdom
they will resonate, so make a loving story blessed be
write the truths and acknowledge them everywhere, and so you will find
in truth everyone cares
no name or color can seperate us, we are everything and we are
the forest

Yaveyetta Yomo
Upto aigy, Ila, Noma
Aorin sulos bringeth soma

so from here to Oklahoma, we break free with infinity
fair Ireland, fair world
the green does grow
and healeth, oh!

tis science which destroyed the sacred family for it is cursed to turn
them cold as snow
return the magic to the world and you shall know
the truth

Evil magicians always fail
for their ale shall turn to ail
and with my sister here now who is a Jay, their ail
shall turn to jail
don't disregard magical laws or let your heart run stale
a cruel dragon learns real kindness today, illusion means nothing, the
true of heart prevail


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