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Forty lashes with a wet noodle!

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Let's try to come up with forty ways to make ramen noodles less boring! Number your recipe so we don't lose track.  #1 Ranch Ramen. Cook the noodles with the flavor packet, then drain. Stir in ranch dressing to taste.

2. Cook ramen according to the package and drain. Add 1 can of chopped clams and a sliced scallion to a pan and bring to a boil. Add the ramen's flavor packet and then add the ramen. Simmer for a few minutes and eat it.

Recipient 3 in this list:

I will boil the Ramen noodles as usual, then drain, then pan fry with onions and add to taste a Worcestershire type of sauce. Maybe some would try soy sauce.  Do not add too much sauce while frying, add to taste as you eat.  You may need to spray or oil your frying pan so not too many noodles stick to the pan.

I do not use the flavor packet the comes in the noodle package but I suppose it could be used.
So it is a fried noodle meal with onions.

I have not tried this for awhile.  I usually cook two noodle packages for the rather filling meal.
Watch the calorie count!


@Maid Marion

Northern Star Girl:
Ahhhh.... fond memories of my college years...
    ....Ramen noodles and hot dogs, a college dorm budget friendly favorite !!!!!

Within the last year or two I've discovered Samyang ramen. They're stupidly spicy, I love them. If you have Facebook you can watch Megan and I take on the 2X Spicy Challenge.


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