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Tell everyone some of why you are here (or not)
Simple introduction if you care to...

*Edited title 6/3/14 from Androgyne to Non-Binary

I was lost and a witch made me come here, i'm trapped here.
please help me.


Hello, I am ZaidaZadkiel although lately I'm considering changing the name to a more natural sounding female name, for legal purposes.
I am currently 27 years old, and live somewhere in hell, Mexico.

I like doing watercolors and carvings in avocado seed and doing macrame bracelets and necklaces, for fun and profit.

As far as interesting things goes, that would be the most of it. Other than that, some of my beliefs are that i dont like god, there is no such thing as truth, I can figure everything on my own, asking for help is asking for troube and dogs are very good pets.

I used to like dinosaurs but not anymore since I found they were naked all the time. Not very refined. And they didn't wear top hats either, so I can't like dinosaurs anymore.

I am not random so much as try to spark an interesting reaction from people. I'm like that IRL too, and so far I haven't been punched in the face. Well I Have but that was not for trolling, but we were kinda drunk.

I am a little bundle of issues of which nobody could ever care or bother to help with, and even if somebody did, I fear I would suck this person into a little black hole of despair and mysery. I have learned things about life that I would rather not have learned. But hey, you've gotta make do with what you have, rite ?

I loooove complaining.
Specially I love complaining about the things I am doing.
What I don't like complaining about, is about things that can't be done anything. Because then it's just sad and frustrating.
But the things I can and am doing stuff about, it's fun and I feel that by complaining somebody could learn what I'm doing.
Though, still, theres not many people who would actually care.
And those who do, at least the ones I know they care, are more interested in seeing me naked than in having me do business and take over the world...

I sometimes think I'm not taken seriously online, but IRL im actually a very serious person.
I have a very stern face, like, I could tell you that the sky is red and many people would believe just because i look so sure of it.


And I love talking about myself, I could do it days in and days out!
Too bad most of what I say is just pure fabricated lies.

You know I'll do the best I can, whatever that may be...


I am biological male who would like to have a srs. I identify as non-binary with more inclination to female expression. I love design and having tea parties (not the political ones, the Victorian cup of tea, biscuit and conversation).

Well put and well met Metroland :) Let's see what I can come up with...

I'm Sevan, I've got a strong female side and a strong male side and identify as bi-gender most days. I simplify it as much as I can and normally tell people I'm androgyn or two spirit. These words seem to make more sense to people and that's fine.
I was born female, am on testosterone and have just had a breast reduction which was gender based for me. I'm going to legally change my name but haven't gotten to it yet due to some family issues.


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