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Hello folks! 

Ummmm, where do I start?  On this forum, I go as James Steven or JS.  My birth name is Sarah.  I have always known that I possess both stereotypical characteristics of both genders, however, I feel that I am very androygonus, more geared towards the masculine characteristics that I feel really define who I am. 

I flip-flop back and forward between androygous and wanting to be a man, which I only came out to myself and a couple of friends last week... As of right now, I identify as androygous and continue my journey in gender identity. 

Welcome JS! :)

All i can say is keep doing what you're doing. Exploring, thinking, processing and moving forward. :) as you move more into the male zone you'll find that sweet spot that's just right for you. It may reside within "the androgyn forest" or it may reside soundly within the "male zone". No tellin' and no real reason to be rigid with labels. They can be flexible. Glad you came over and introduced yourself!

Thanks for the welcome and your supportive message! :)  Looking forward to see you around on the forum! 


i've been here for a while, and then nearly forgot about the place after suddenly starting to work. getting a job really helps lessen depression, but eventually being called things that i don't really identify with (like "girl") starts getting to me again...

about who i am: i am me, simple as that. not girl or guy or whatever, just me. but for some reason i don't mind being treated as a guy as much as being treated as a girl, so i can't be sure whether i belong here or... no, not in a binary, i refuse

currently not making any sense, but then i never made too much sense anyway, so it shouldn't matter too much (i hope)

nice to meet you all! i hope to get along those times when i remember to come by

I am me, too much of a girl to live as just male and too much of a boy to live as a girl so I live as both full time with a full beard and very fem clothes I'm also on transition level hormones (M2F) although I'm more M2WtF  (Male to What the F***) I've been told by other gender diverse people that I am the poster child for gender-queer as I am the only visibly non conforming gender diverse person in the area of Brisbane. (one of the larger cities in Australia)
I've been part of this forum for a fair while (feels strange giving an intro when I've been here for close to 4 years)


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