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Tessa James:
Hey Enbies!  How nice to hear from some old friends and new voices here too.  As EZ Linus noted, this place needs a non binary gender marker.  The largest survey of trans peeps to date in the US found over a third of us checking the non binary box.  Language is malleable and our culture is coming to terms with the truth that many of us are in the middle, for want of a better term. 

Some people remain focused on the binary as their personal or political goal.  Those of us with diverse genders and orientation may continue to face discrimination from within the queer community when people who are non binary, bisexual or pansexual are seen as not enough.

Youth is where I see hope as so many young people are comfortable with new ideas and can see beyond the two gender boxes and other restrictive binaries.  Thank you all for being here and coming out with your personal truths.

I've been reading this forum for a while, signed up the other day and did a bit more browsing.

I think I may have just had a Eureka moment! We are not into labels in our house, and I have had some very deep discussions with my wife about this very subject. Trying to pin down what I am.
We have always said of each other, that we are, just who we are, and we do what we want to please ourselves collectively. Neither of us care what the outside world thinks of us, we sort of live in our own little bubble, working our land and trying to be self sufficient. We don't socialise that much either, especially now I am in a wheelchair. Before I used to go out quite a lot as a gigging bass player, doing a lot of dep work for bands in my area (night time job). But all that's stopped now, mainly due to mobility and venues etc.

There has always been something going on in my head, from an early age. So after my emergency surgery and with the full support of my wife, I have begun HRT. I have always desired a female body, but not necessarily going for the full transition. I don't feel that I need to come out to world that I am now female. I think that, had I been young in today's times then I would have probably gone for the full transition. But for now, I don't need that. Things might change, but I am quite content having a feminine body and a full beard (which the wife loves)

So I always felt I was a bit of an oddity, wanting to go through changes but not wanting to go all the way. And didn't really fit in with any gender. I didn't really understand about all the gender spectrum's that are out there, and then I stumbled upon Non Binary. I thought, this could be it!

Probably one of the best things I have done, is finding this forum. It has given me a bit of peace, knowing there are others out there like me, and reading their stories brings great comfort.

Been on HRT since Feb this year, breasts are coming along very nicely. Won't be able to hide them for very much longer. Just have to work on my weight, which is not easy when your sat down all day. But all forward steps are progress.


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