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I am not an Androgyn. I am female.
I am married to Sevan so I come here and lurk these androgyn boards allot.


It's only in the last couple of years or so that I've started wondering about my gender, and  I'm just beginning to realise that as I was growing up, there were other people who did  the   thinking for me, and did it wisely, and I'm the last one to start thinking - after all, I must be, otherwise I wouldn't have joined this site. I wrote an  intro on the general site a couple of days ago, saying how I thought I should  class myself as androgyne. So here I am introducing myself on the androgyne site. I hope I can contribute.

 In my early childhood I was a sissy sort of boy, not liking rough games or suchlike, and  I was born with a buried penis, and one of the bits of wisdom done over me was to prevent me being reassessed as a girl by interfering doctors.   Later on, my puberty didnt click in till I was 17, and was incomplete - my voice deepened, but I never grew much hair, and I still only have to shave once a week and didnt really grow at all down below. Also as I have only recently realised, I've got a girl-shaped frame, with wide hips and narrow shoulders. I've done the cogiati test and come out at 295, which is androgyne.
My wise relatives realised that physically I wasn't really sissy and got me to take up athletics, which I did, and I enjoyed, and gave me confidence, and I still do, and I've always had jobs where I fitted in, as an organic farmer and in pubs.  Since my teens I have been in families and communities who believe in natural living and it means that I'm accepted as I am and I have never had any of the sort of social disapproval which figures in the lives of so many other member of this site.  Of course, it's made easier by living in the country, and It's a pity, but in a country like the UK only a small proportion of us can do that.
So I'm half-way to being a girl, and  I think that's OK and I'm happy to just stay as I am, but it raises all sorts of questions  which lots of people post about here.

I'm Julian. I'm 20. I don't know who I am. I don't have any of these strong gendered "sides" I hear so much about. I'm planning on top surgery and maybe HRT. I study psychology and crochet things a lot.

Welcome Runalan! I don't get out of the Unicorn forest to any other parts of this forgive me, I didn't see your intro until you posted here. I hope you settle in and find what you need here. :) That's really wonderful that you've found acceptance for who you are.

Though physically I cannot claim androgeny because my top is far too large to claim manliness ;)
I like to settle as 'ambigendered'. Like ambidextrous but with my gender. I swing often between being "manly" and being "lady-like".
I like computers, art, classical and rock, learning foreign languages and a good fight now and then. :)
It's taken a few years and multiple labels and experiments to find what I am, and I'm quite happy to be able to say "screw it, I don't want to fit nicely in a box. I'm both" and watch as my listeners' faces fall into splendid confusion :D

But I do wonder. Gender-wise I'm settled in ambigender. Still working my S.O. kinks out. I'm quite happy with my body, I'm just not sure what I want in/of a partner. :)


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