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Julie Marie:
Not sure if this was posted anywhere else but if not here it is with the link to the petition to supoort Stanton.

Less than a week after Largo City Manager Steve Stanton announced he was <not allowed>, the small Florida community's city commission fired him*. This is workplace discrimination, plain and simple. I just signed the 'Stand with Stanton' petition, and I hope you will too:

When the Commission fired Stanton, they ignored his excellent record as an energetic and effective leader. Stanton has received consistently positive performance reviews from the City Council and the Mayor while managing over 1,200 employees and the city's $130 million budget.

The promise of America is that if you are a good employee, you should be rewarded for it regardless of your race, creed, disability, gender or sexual orientation. Stanton's firing was an un-American display of workplace discrimination and this injustice should be reversed. Sign our 'Stand with Stanton' petition that we'll deliver to the City Commission in Largo, FL.


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