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My pets name is.....

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...Clark, and he is a Yellow Lab. I have goldfish, I just call them "the fish." What kind of pet do you have?

Clark seems to be a great name for a lab :)

i have two rescue pets - a dog and a cat. their names are Lora and Šiūšas (pronounced shiooshas and meaning someone cute and fuzzy). their picture is in a pet picture thread :)

I had a bichon named Simon.  We rescued him from the pound and he was afraid of everything.  With a lot of time and a lot of love he finally came around.  He died a few years ago - I still miss him.


I have 3 Cats, 2 Females; Emma a Tux (B/W) that was a stray-she "chose" our house, May May a Tabby that a neighbor didn't want, and Male Sato Ichi (aka evil Ninja Master) a blind (yes, hence the name) Balinese Siamese that I got from a rescue org.  My "kids"!

I have a black n white 8 year old moggie cat called flossie and a 1 year old tortoise shell persian kitten called holly :)

flossie is the sweetest thing but holly is trouble haha (she's bound to be, she's MY kitten)


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