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My pets name is.....

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I have a puppy, a jack russell/dachshund mix. He's a handful too.  His name is Jake, but I mostly call him poopee dog or poopers.  Its my first dog too.

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I've got 3 kittens. Rollei(tortoise shell), Yashica(buff tabby), and Sarah(grey and white). I found Rollei when she was about a week old abandoned in my garage so i was feeding her and her 3 siblings with a medicine dropper before their eyes were even open. I found Yashica about 3 weeks old behind my house (mom had gotten picked up by the pound) and Sarah had gotten attacked by her previous owners dogs and hurt pretty badly so I took her and got her fixed up. So they're all kinda rescue cats. I call them my little monkeys because they're always running around like little idiots jumping all over things and climbing stuff lol. I wouldn't have it any other way though, they're my furry kids :)

I have a Corgi/Husky/German Shepard/????? named Jasper.
What a strange mix! Hes my baby. I love him. He is the biggest he will get, but his parents were a lot bigger than him. I went to a garage sale one day and saw 5 other dogs like Jasper and the lady that was having the garage sale said they were for sale and I picked out Jasper. I'm so glad I did :D
sorry for the <not allowed> quality, they were taken with my phone.
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My pets name is Cleopatra and she's a tarantula. I did have two others recently but they both died :(
I had 6 when I was very small and a cat called Puddleduck and some fish but that was a good few years ago now.
Id love a dog but my Mum really doesnt like them, so when I move out maybe...

Fiyero and Moo-baby.
They are tuxedo cats and brothers.
I also have an annoying Quaker parrot named Iago.


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