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Quelqu'un ici parle fran├žais? Does Anyone Here Speak French?

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Princess of Hearts:
Here is a link to lesson two part one.

Oui, je parlais francais depuis onze annees! Le seul chose que je n'aime pas du langue est que le passe compose et des pronoms ont une sexe. Mais, ici, je utiliserais les formes feminine! :) Je suis francaise, aussi, et je pense que ma singe aide.

I adore the language, really; I've been studying since 3rd grade; in my college sophomore year, and am double majoring in the language. This site makes me totally happy to speak French in, as opposed to every day life where I have to use the forms of words that cause dysphoria. Additionally, I've gone so far as to reflect my love of the language as to make my middle name French. Plus, the fashion; most fabulous clothes, perfumes, etc. aren't they? Dior, Remy Martin, Chanel. :)

Princess of Hearts:
I like French - I think the language is easier than Italian, but I prefer Italy and the Italian language.

Bonjour/ bonsoir! I have been doing a night school course to get a bit of a head start for enrolling in the Diploma of Language course at Uni next year.  My main interest has been getting pronounciation and accent right, as our teacher has said that that will be a big help.
It has been fun, if a bit difficult at times, and I am looking forward to Uni.


Oui! Je suis canadienne et je parle francais (mais mon clavier est americain :P).

This topic is old, but if you would like to practise your French on me - feel free to send me a message. :)


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