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Thanks to all for your imput and interesting replies. On Halloween night when I was at a candy hand out at a local shopping mall, and I was nicley dressed in a pretty pink top with a short black striped skirt with black pantyhose and black heels and I felt that my makeup needed to be touched up a bit. Now I had thought of using the ladies room, but with four security police roaming around, I really didn't want to take any chances, so I went into the men's washroom. There were a few guys using the urinals and they looked around when they heard me enter and I'm not sure if I made them feel nervous, because I know that I didn't feel nervous, even though I felt very passable.

Yesterday I was talking with a freind who had seen me on Halloween night and he told me that he had hardly recognized me and  that he couldn't even detect a five o'clock shadow when he had seen me.  :)