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Gender Bending and Bathroom Safety

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Just in case anyones interested, If I remember corectly in 1986 their was a case Wells Vs. The city of Huston. Ms. Wells was at the Houston Astro Dome for a George Straight Concert when she went into a Men's Bathroon because the women's had long waiting line. She was thrown out of the event.

She won the case and the judge said something to the effect that if you have to use the restroom of the oppisite sex, as long as you don't loiter there it was alright to do so. I am not a lawyer.


--- Quote from: LostInTime on March 08, 2007, 01:24:58 pm ---Until about 2 years before I transitioned, I did not have a lot of trouble but I was also keeping my hair shorter back then and I think that made a big difference.

--- End quote ---
Right.  My hair *was* short.  Like less than an inch long.  It wasn't that I was assumed female by somebody, I was definitely seen as male.  But it was the fact that even back in my denial, I still couldn't repress everything like the fact that I was happy to use the women's restroom.


Ms Bev:

--- Quote from: LostInTime on March 08, 2007, 12:57:18 pm ---I had to switch over to the women's room a little early due to the confusion my presence was creating in the men's bathrooms.  however, many times I would just wait until I got home so that I would not have to risk having any type of confrontations.

--- End quote ---

For me, at work it's cut and dried.  I dress male, am accepted as male, although I have longer hair than most....over my ears and collar, and brushing my shoulders, with newly acquired earrings.   I wear a sportcoat over my shirt (yes, I wear a bra at work).   I just walk right in.....use the 'guy walk'.

Totally different in my off time.  For three days of the week, I dress in women's jeans, cotton panties, womens sneakers, bra, sweater, or other gender-neutral top, ladies wristwatch, and silver stud earrings.  I wear foundation, just enough to even my complexion, and lipstick that evens the color of my lips, and defines them.  No other makeup.  Almost every time, I use the ladies room, regardless if it's a oney or not.   If someone comes in, we smile politely, and I usually comb my hair before leaving.  Almost never a second glance.  This ladies room decision is especially followed in a restuarant, where my wife and I are usually referred to as 'ladies', or 'girls' by the wait staff.  If not, I guage by their glance.  I think I'm mostly taken as lesbian, which is correct anyway.  I just know it's safer in the ladies room.......had a nasty look from a guy in a restuarant men's room once, and have felt very nervous ever since.

I have never been able to do the guy walk.  I tried, I really did but the moment I stopped thinking about it, I reverted back to what was natural to me.  I never thought twice about it until the seventh grade when a prissy little thing asked, in a very loud voice and in a full classroom, "****(old name), why do you walk like a girl?"  After that I tried to remember to add a bit of a limp to my walk, it was easier than remembering that I was supposed to plod through the halls.  I kept that fake limp all the way up until I transitioned.

I never did the guy walk either.  Naturally, mine fell somewhere in between a male and a female walk.



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