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This thread is off topic and as such it can not be derailed.


How do you pronounce Siobhan. I love that name but can't say it.

If I had a daught I would give her Emma as a second name as long as my partner liked it.

I miss Casey being spelt Caseyy

Wondering where Metroland got to.

I love orgasms, am I the only one?

Joeyboo~ :3:
It's like Christ showed me a place where I finally fit.

I'm getting a weave today.

Which reminds me of this other transgirl at my old school who had this horrible hairpiece.
I tried to befriend her just to give her tips.
But she called me a <not allowed> and walked off and did a typical Chris crocker-inspired hairflip and noisily stomped off in flip flops.

I think she forgot to shave her toes.

Oh, the horror of hairy toes!

I have a clockwork robot - she's called Roberta.

Many hands make a tall horse.

Many photos make light work.


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