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Suicide Resources--Phone, Websites, Text, Chat

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I had better luck with a hotline recently. They successfully talked me down, got me focusing on things that were positive in my life, and displayed quite an impressive intellect. After I stopped crying we talked about books for about half an hour. It's terrible that I needed it but I was so thankful that it was there as a resource for me.

In the UK there are some LGBT helplines.
I'm in Oxford so I know "Oxford Friend" 01865 726893.
I also know about "London Friend" but the best idea might be to search for "<where you live> Friend" and LGBT.

While this isn't a hotline, per se, it might be useful for anyone who doesn't have access to a phone or would prefer talking to someone online:

Do you have to be under 25 to call Trevor project?

Julie H:
I didn't see this one yet.

Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860


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