Author Topic: Colorado SB-2 - Civil Unions  (Read 1007 times)

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Colorado SB-2 - Civil Unions
« on: January 13, 2012, 12:04:41 am »
For Colorado, USA people...  SB-2 was introduced.  It's the civil union bill.  Civil Unions would be all the same rights and responsibilities as marriage except for three areas: no common-law civil unions, not the word marriage, and not recognized by the Federal government (like the IRS or immigration).

I'm personally divided on this.  I know it could help some people quite a lot to have some legal protections for the person they love.  At the same time, however, separate is not equal and I wish people didn't pretend it was.  I'm also concerned that it doesn't ensure that marriage with a post-op person is legal, as it still leaves "man" and "woman" essentially undefined for marriage (civil union would be legal for a post-op person, regardless of sex they "unioned", which is good, but a civil union wouldn't be recognized as a marriage by the feds).

In fairness, it's probably all the legislature could do thanks to the hateful anti-marriage amendment from a few years ago.  We need the court to admit what I hope most of us already know: telling someone they can't marry someone else solely because of their genitals is sex discrimination.

So I'm tentatively supporting it, but really pissed that Colorado hasn't yet recognized that (A) sex determination is more complex than they think (and not always as obvious as they think) and (B) sex of the spouses shouldn't matter anyhow.