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The following are a list of the post ranks and staff titles you might see on the site and the number of posts required if any. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Visitor                                                   From 0-14 posts. Limited rights other than posting or responding to messages. Specific limitations include no ability to view or edit profiles, not being able to send out private messages, and not being able to upload pictures or link to external pictures.NewbieFrom 15-49 posts. Most restrictions removedNeighborFrom 50-99 posts.FriendFrom 100-499 posts. FamilyFrom 500 posts up.
If I see someone I think is posting for the sole purpose of increasing their post count I may take action. My options include removing their post(s), reducing their post count total, and/or smiting the users reputation. There's no need to artificially inflate your post count it will come fast enough on it's own. :) Look at this as giving you things to look forward to over the years.

In addition there are staff ranks.

AdministratorGlobal ModeratorChat StaffForum StaffLinks StaffWiki Staff


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