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I had no clue where to post this, so I figured fashion would be the best place.

While reading posts for another topic I saw that Stepanie was planning on making a cabinet for her wife this weekend.  This got me thinking of a question I'm curious about.  Whether you are full time or not, if/when you mow the lawn, chop down trees, build a cabinet or do anything "manly", do you still do it enfemme or not?

Just curious.

Personally when I chop down trees I'm in my daggies which happen to be not very feminine at all :).


Hello Brenda,

Oh oh,
--- Quote ---do anything "manly"
--- End quote ---
  watch out brenda, you may offend the more liberated ladies here :D  For myself, everything I do, I do as a woman.  Cut the grass, wash the cars, work in my shop, home reno's, everything.  After all "I Am a Woman".  I just don't wear my best cloths (I don't have any male cloths), old jeans, and 'T's etc..

Actually it's not so bad, as we live in the country, farming country, and it's not unusual to see women do what some would perceive as mans work.  There have been a couple of instances where I've been reminded do do things a little differently... when working around wood I used to lean stuff on my chest to balance and help carry it, but ouch, my boobs are really tender so I don't do that anymore, I ask for help.  Also at times my boobs have gotten in the way when I did things as I used to (leaning over the fender of a car).  It brings a smile to my face, right after I've said "Holly sh#$, that hurts".  It's all part of growing :)

Chat later,


I agree with Stephanie. That first paragraph of hers sums it up exactly for me. :)

I do all of my own car repairs, and I do them all on the street, which means there's plenty of neighbors that see me working.  I was working on my brakes this afternoon, actually.

I also have old girl's clothes I wear.  My standard is a pair of blue jeans, tennis shoes, & a t-shirt with a sports bra underneath.  I always pull my hair back, and depending on whether or not I've been out of the house yet, may or may not be wearing makeup.  I know I don't look pretty, but I'm not really sure if I pass for a girl 100%.  For the most part I think I do.  I guess I don't really care, though.  Everybody that lives on my block knows I'm a transsexual.  Maybe when I move to a new place I'll reconsider the way I look.

If I need to run to a parts store, I'll usually change into something a little bit nicer (just a different t-shirt and jeans), will probably brush my hair out, and if I have no makeup on might put some foundation over my continuously healing electrolysis areas.

As a girl, it took me a while to feel okay with doing my own car repairs.  A girl doing her own car repairs in this area is very unusual.  In fact, for a guy to be doing some of the stuff I do is not normal.  (I tackle some pretty big jobs.)  But once I had run into enough male chauvinistic parts store employees and mechanics, I realized I was 1)not getting read and 2)creating some pretty interesting waves, especially when I proved I knew more than a lot of those guys  ;D  I can't stand male chauvinists, and being able to show that I, a girl, knows more than they do about cars, while their fellow male employees listen and watch, is pretty satisfying!



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