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Brenda32 origionally asked this question in another forum so I've move it to Help & Howto's

Hello Brenda

--- Quote ---Also, could someone please tell me how to do the quote thing in the purple box.  I havn't quite figured that one out yet.
--- End quote ---

One method of quoting is to highlight and copy the test you want to quote, and paste it into your reply.  Then make sure that text is highlighted in your reply and click on the little baloon shaped icon above the smiley faces, it's the third one from the right, just to the left of the # icon.

Have fun,

Steph :)

Don't you love how quickly someone jumps in to help here. :)


--- Quote ---just to the left of the # icon
--- End quote ---

It's to the right of the # on mine.

How bout that over three hundred posts and first time I have used that short cut.

There's the age thing happening again ;D.


Ooooops, you're right Shell, it is on the right of the # icon. 

Silly me, I found out what was wrong when I made that reply.  Right after I clicked on the post button, I noticed that my face was flushed, and I could see little sparklies in front of my eyes... darn it al!!!!l I was standing on my head again.  :D


(I need to lay down and stay away from that bottle of Yellow Tail)  ;D

There is a little "quote" button at the top of each message; Pressing that will start a reply with the entire message quoted.


--- Code: ---[quote]Ye old quoted text here.[/quote]
--- End code ---


--- Quote from: Stephanie Craxford on October 01, 2005, 03:06:27 pm ---

(I need to lay down and stay away from that bottle of Yellow Tail)  ;D

--- End quote ---

Good girl. Yellow Tail is wicked


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