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I made my first corset!!

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Beth Andrea:
Pattern was Simplicity's 9769 size 20...had hoped that it would fit me (size 20 in pants/skirts fit me), but is way too small. Like, 10" between the laces in the back too small.

Anyway, I think it turned out pretty good. Cell phone pics + I'm not a photographer = blurry pics but oh well...criticism is warranted, if you know what you're talking about. I'd like to do this well enough to make my own, based on my dimensions.

(Corset is loosely mounted on a wubby blanket, not tightened at all.)

Here's the pics:

Front first:

[Image Removed]

Whatcha'all think? Did I done good?  :D


Very nice job. Have you done much sewing before?

What did you use for the boning?

Beth Andrea:
Did a little sewing, mostly flags and quilts. Tried clothes, but that was when I first started so they weren't the best.

This was actually similar to a US flag, because of all the flat felled seams. A bit more curvy than the stars and stripes, though.  ;)

Boning was 1/4" steel (a couple were 1/2", in the back).

You done did good! Hugs, Devlyn

Looks Great!


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