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Looking for tights


So, several months ago I stumbled across a British website that had men's winter tights (cotton / lycra), but what made them so cool was that from the knee down they were argyle-patterned...looked like plain ol' socks to anyone who happened to notice.  Should have bought a pair or two, but I didn't.  Now I cannot find them.   >:(

Anybody else ever seen these?


Hello Dayna,

Not sure in the UK, but here in Canada you can get women's tights in all different types of patterns, I have a pair of with the Argyle pattern myself.  I thing you should be able to pick a pair up in any department store.

I just did a search on Google and got 43,000 + hits for argyle tights.   :)

Have fun,


Thanks Steph.

I did the same Google search (and an eBay search, and a Yahoo search...) but what I am looking for is something very discreet--so that when they peek out under my cuffs at a business meeting I am not arousing suspicion, know what I mean? 

Thanks for checking!



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