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I live in a isolated part of southern Colorado. It is pure hell. I am constantly harrassed and bullied. The people next door bust out laughing every time they see me. The man downstairs purposly blasts his stereo 24  7. and calls me fag boy. And told me that I will live as a man and be treated as one. I am forced to live as a man in the wrong gender until I escape next month in March.

Hi Kira,
      I wrote about you're situation here somewhere among the many posts at Susan's. I'm sure that you're not alone hon, and since I know you personally and know that you're a very attractive, feminine woman, you can just believe that there are some very jealous and mean spirited folks over your way. Glad I'm not there because I'd wind up in jail defending you. Perhaps moving to friendlier parts would be best under the circumstances. (((Hugs)))

  I agree with Shantel.  Keep cool until you move out.  That fellow downstairs has problems that you do not want to cause him to bring to the surface.  Blasting the stereo up is one indication.  I was on the receiving end of a loud stereo in the navy transient enlisted barracks 24-7 for 4 months.  It got quiet when my squadron got back to the carrier!  That one is a long story I related to in another thread here. 

Thanx Shantel and Joelene. I will do my best and take your advice. The time Im spending here is a waste of my life.

Hang in Honey,
The problem isn't with you it's the fools who cannot accept you that have the problem. If they cannot accept you, you can bet they cannot accept themselves and are just plain jealous of you. You will be out of it soon, but they won't be. Use the time to practice stuff, voice, makeup etc. Don't let the fools get to you.

And we are here for you.



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