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mrs izzy:
Just for the future or anyone else in Colorado i found this.

The Colorado Hate Crimes Law was recently expanded to include sexual orientation and transgender status. This law covers harassment or intent to intimidate based on a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.

This law covers more than physical violence toward another person. Physical threats in the form of words, action, or damage to property can be constituted as a hate crime.

Colorado’s transgender-inclusive law was successfully used for the first time in 2009 in the murder case.



--- Quote from: Kate G on September 29, 2013, 09:18:51 pm ---What ever happened to this gal?

--- End quote ---

She had been a close personal friend, we were an item back in 2005. I had helped her considerably financially but she was her own worse enemy and headstrong against all good advice. She left Seattle because I am married and wouldn't take it any farther and the police was looking for her for fraud and ID theft. She wound up in Center, Colorado and had a miserable time with the Hispanic neighbors who tormented and abused her even punching her breasts. Finally she headed to Boston and last email I had from her she claimed to have renounced Christianity and became a Satanist and was a priestess, I was constrained to cut off all contact at that point because I won't go there. The warrant for her arrest here is still active.

Does anyone know how Kira1981 is doing now? I saw that this post was from like 2012 so I was just curious

unfortunate as I am from Denver and I have found the Hispanic culture here to be understanding I rarely have issues it would appear thogh because of the age of the post it is water under the bridge

Of course, southern Colorado shares a border with Oklahoma.  Don't even think about going there. 

Colorado did elect a gay governor.  That's a start.  Jared Polis will be much more LGBTQ+ than Oklahoma's Kevin Stitt. 


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