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List of Androgynous Appearance Guides so far
« on: March 22, 2007, 08:01:49 am »
In my attempt to add more content to this site concerning androgyne type appearance and styles, I have done my best to scrounge stuff up. I first created a poll to see what info was desired.,9221.0/viewResults.html. If your androgyne and havent yet voted feel free to vote even now.

From there I tried to tackle the top vote areas. I searched the web for current information. I must tell you that currently there is no such place on the net where I have found even any moderate amount of Androgynous style in one place. So although a lot of this info was out there in small tidbits and clusters, I tried to syphon it from various sources and I also use suggestions and ideas from posts before I start each research. Although I know these have holes (which I hope others will help me fill), I do feel they are a good start. They are a product of many hours, headaches, reading, studying, pondering, gut feelings, and rewriting. Probably close to 10 to 20 hours per guide were invested in making them.

I know these guides are neither a final product nor definitive. If you have any suggestions to any of them, additions, feel any of them are wrong, corrections, or just want to write something to be added onto this list, send me a pm or reply here.

The first four guides that I made I think really covers the essential core of androgynous styles (or any style).

Here are the Guides so far I have put up on the site
Weight, Proportion, vs Height - Body Shape,11550.msg84124.html

Hair (on head),9549.0.html 
Body Hair,9357.0.html

I combined clothing styles and colors
Clothing styles- Androgyne styles
Clothing colors-,9779.0.html

Additional guides

Here is the possible list of upcoming guides based on the votes (put in order of voting results.

Voice- Sound, vocabulary  7 (8.3%)
Eyebrows- shape  6 (7.1%)
Facial use of  Makeup- Androgyne Techniques, or feminine techniques  5 (6%)
Chest- Breasts (having some sort of breasts - Real or synthetic)  5 (6%)
Skin -color, moisture, condition, clearity  4 (4.8%)
Earrings, or other body piercings  4 (4.8%)
Wearing Jewelry-  3 (3.6%)
Tattoos  1 (1.2%)
Chest - Flat (hiding any sort of breast-like shape, or removal)  0 (0%)
Scent, odor, perfume, cologne  0 (0%)

Have any more suggestions of possible guides send me a pm or reply here.
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