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This made me laugh...literally

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So I stopped at Subway tonight on the way to a friends house to eat. Mind you, this Subway is rather "ghetto". It's attatched to a gas station, and there's been murders around the way on more than one occasion this year. I'm sure you're thinkign "Why the hell would you go there then", it's convienent, and I've never had a problem going there before, plus I was just planning on eating quick and leaving.

So I order my food, and as I'm standing there paying, these 2 extremley ghetto girls walk in. Hairs a mess, sweats and sneakers on, the one girl had half her weave in and a 12 inch comb sticking out of her head. IM NOT DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ANYONE! Just trying to give you a clear picture. So they're standing waiting for me to pay so they can order, and I can hear them jibber jabbing about whatever. I pay for my food, and sit down right behind them.

As I start to eat, I'm not really paying attention to them, even though they're talking loud enough for people for blocks to hear. Then I hear 1 girl say "I dunno, ask him". So this girl turns around and says "hey" I look up and she goes "Are you a boy". I almost spit my drink out. I literally laughed and said " Uh huh". She turns back around to her friend and says "see I told you!".

So I continue to eat, as they order 573845345 sammiches. Then she says "Hey, do you have your tongue pierced" and I say yeah, and she goes "What for" I said "Umm why does it matter" she says 'Well I got mine done, and you know...." and her friend goes "Yeah, what you got it pierced for" almost like they're either trying to see if I'm a girl, or see if I'm gay I guess?
I say "Well, the ladies like it" the girl laughs and her friend goes "Yeaaaah, that's what's up!" AGAIN, I go back to eating....

Two seconds later, "Hey sorry to keep intterupting your dinner, but do you know what time it is"...I tell her, then they both stand waiting for their food 2 feet in front of me talking back and forth "Yeah, he's alright for a whiteboy"...

Ok, so they just RUDELY intterupted me minding my own business to ask me if I was a boy, now they're talking about how cute I am " for a whiteboy ". <not allowed>

I'm just about done eating and 1 of them says "So where's your girl at" I tell her I don't have a girl she goes on to say "Why dont you have a girl..blah blah blah". I finished my food, smiled at them both and walked out.

Being someone blatenly coming out and asking me that before has NEVER happened, I was surprised it didn't piss me off. And really didn't bother me, I went to my friends and had a good night, and just now thought about it. I wouldn't say it was as much discrimination, as it was just plain rude.

iow you were read! i like your attitude though, confident and sure of himself.

society is a funny thing isn't it

Okay so they had to ask...but you convinced them and that must make you feel good! Way to hold your ground!

Ahhhh, you make me homesick. I do miss the old hood at times.
Be grateful that you live in a diverse area. PDX is so not -- it's depressing.
One thing I always loved about people in the hood, regardless of race, or ethnic background?
They told you EXACTLY how they felt. You did not have to guess.
In a strange way, I felt safer there, than here.


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