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This made me laugh...literally

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LOLOLOLOLOLOLO  :D;D :D till i have cried - literally. Especially the 573845345 sammiches.
I just coukdn't hep it.
And by the way, that is one of the coolest self pics ive ever seen on this site.
laughingly always.


Thundra - I grew up here, but moved to SanFran 2 years ago, I'm "stuck" here for another month or so and I"m back out to the bay. I'm definitely grateful for the diversity here. I grew up in a smaller promdomently (i suck at spelling big words) "white community" the first 16 years of my life and HATED it. I prefer living amongst diversity, rather than "safe" places. And yeah, my girl grew up in Los Angeles in the straight projects, so I'm used to that blunt/straight forward/rather obnoxious approach. I was just caught a little off guard, which is cool, at least I got a laugh out of it.

haha Anna, glad you got a laugh out of it!

Sammiches it issss. Sometimes I type like I talk, I don't even know how to spell sammiches correctly. Sandwhiches? Sammiches sounds better.

Honestly, this might sound weird, but from a straight on look to my face, I don't think it's AS feminin looking. But from the side, I think it is. I notice weird things like that. I have a round dome, "bighead" if you will lol 15 inches at birth :) And when they walked in, they were standing right beside me, so I"m thinking it was the side view of my face...who knows though, some people just have good intuition when it comes to things like that.

While we're on the topic of being "outed". I gotta question...

While living down in LA last summer, I worked at a "five star" grocery store. Some snobby place, with overpriced <not allowed>. When I filled out all my paperwork for my background check, it asked if you'd ever been known by any other name in the past 10 years. I filled it in with my birth name. The lady that hired me went over it, obviously noticed that  birth name was female, but was really cool about it. She didn't ask any questions at all other than "Your social security card has Joseph XXXXXX on it, right?" I said yep, and she hired me on the spot. So I never thought anything of it.

She didn't work at that particular store, but her husband was the manager. I met him my first day, and I assumed she probably told him? I dunno, he was a pretty cool guy too. My ex also got hired on the same day. Well, I was promoted within 2 weeks, got a raise, and worked back in the meat department. With 3 other guys, all super cool, we bs'd all day long, and I got along with everyone fine.

Me and my ex worked there for about 3-4 months. Our intentions were to save up money to move away, but she changed her mind, wanted to stay there (in LA). I didn't, we got into a blow out over it, and I told her I was moving back to the Bay. I went into work the next day put a weeks notice in, and moved back to the bay shortly after. My ex also quit there 2 weeks after me.

About a month after she quit, she went there to get some things, and was confronted by one of the guys I used to work with in my department and the night manager. They came up to her and said "So where's your girlfriend?", she asked them what they were talking about, and I guess the night manager walked away. The guy I used to work with was like "I don't know what you guys are so afraid of, if he's a chick, just say you're lesbians". She got pissed, told him I'm not a "chick", and how he even came up with that. He said one of the managers, wouldn't say which one, got into my files and saw my old birth name.

She called me right after it happened and told me about it. Isn't is against the law to talk about private information like that? And still to this day, she says everytime she goes in there someone has something smart to say to her about it.

She's the type of person not to give a s*** what other people say, so she could care less about hearing it, that and it's really close to her house. Just wondering if anyone new the laws for that in California?

Julie Marie:
Joey, you handled that great!  Wish I could have been there.

And you're not the first person who I've heard that as the reason tongue is the pierced for  ;) 


I have to say this. Some of your jokes and descriptions of African Americans in this thread make me cringe Joey. I'm going to err of the side of hoping there is nothing behind it, but it does make me uncomfortable, especially the "sammiches" joke.

I don't see how this would be any different that someone telling a joke about a transsexual that couldn't pass - in a way to make them look silly.

Even to "paint a better picture of the scene."


OH wow.

Brianna - Sorry but you must of read into things a little too much. There was no "joke" of "sammiches" for starters. I said "Sometimes I type how I talk" I say SAMMICHES, not "sandwhiches" (sp). That was not a joke, but me typing exactly how I talk....

Some of my descriptions of African Americans? What descriptions might those be?

I wasn't telling any jokes to begin with. I was simply painting a picture of the events. And frankly, I feel a little discouraged by you jumping on me like that.


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