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Made my next step, but now feel really down

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Miss Placed:
(Was tempted to post this in the 'are you in crisis' thread)

Had my appointment with my new Doctor today.

I had written a three and half page introduction/background for him (and whoever he passes it on to), as I knew I wouldn't be able to remember all when faced with my first professional. He scanned it it over and we chatted.

Turns out he has 'two or three' other TG patients, said that the practice had a limited budget, but that they would find the budget to help me (we have the National Health service here, it's free, but the govt has been tugging on the purse strings for years). He even mentioned a budget for surgery (which I have to admit took me aback, but impressed me).

He said he knew someone who would be help with therapy, someone close to the pratice.

However, when I asked about how long I could expect before I see them, he said 'a couple of months'.... :o ??? ... months.... I know that this is a long long road, but I need to see someone and soon.

Every day I feel my progression speeds up, and I know damn well that up ahead there is a very hard brick wall, I need to see someone NOW!

I made sure that he fully understood this and he said he'd try to get them to see me soon, or try to look outside the area, where the set up wasn't such a 'quagmire' (exact word he used).

He took my mobile number and told me to ring him next week on either wednesday morning or friday morning to have a chat to see how I am getting on.

I feel I am close to crisis, I fear I am spinning out of control.


Hello Lyn-Jean,

I know how you feel, "how come everyone is not treating this as urgent?".  We all go through this, we need things to happen quickly, if not yesterday, but it's the system we have to work with.  Two months is not so long when you consider that the changes you are venturing on are life long.  I had to wait a month and a half before I got in to see my therapist.  Don't forget they you are not their only patient.  I have an appointment to see my new Endo and that's in May 2006, that's right 2006.  But hey it's not the end of the world there is other issues I can pursue in the mean time, and this is what you should be doing.  The subject of financing for SRS was a good point.  Why not spend those two months or so getting a handle on that.

Be a patient patient :)  Good things come to those who wait...

Take care,


Miss Placed:
Yeah I know its a long long road, and I dare not rush it, even if I could, but I didn't think initial therapy would be that far off.

When I fell ill in 2001, and I worked for HP at the time, I got to see a psychiarist within days.

Hi Lyn-Jean,

Steph gives great advice. Listen to her. I can't imagine what it might be like for you. Being here in the US we are used to medical on demand service. I guess we're pretty spoiled in that area. If a doctor tells me I have to wait a month or something I open the yellow pages and call one that can see me today. Little harder when were talking transgender but it is possible.

There is a therapist, I can't think of his name who does telephone consultation for $125 an hour. There are one or two threads here that mention him. I'm sure somebody can point out were that is. Anyway if you can put together the scratch that could be a more immediate option for you. At any rate keep the faith. You can talk to us in the mean about most things and we will try to be as much help as we can. Like Steph said be patient. I know it sounds trite but Rome was not built in a day.

Good Journey,


having been though the british mental health service a little i know what you mean, it took me about a month before i could see a regular run of the mill councellor, and even then there was a month between my second and third (last) appointment because she went on holiday, the only advice i can give you is to hang in there, you could spent the time figuring out what you want to say to the therapist, make a list of things you want to cover and take it with you, that way you wont leave the appointment with a feeling of it being wasted (hopefully)

chin, chin (sounded good at the time)


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