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Do I look like a *&^%$#ng whore to you ? ! ! ! ! !


Yesterday a friend of mine invited me to go
have drinks with her and her husband.
We had a great time at the bar, where a mutual friend is a bartender.
My truck was parked at the "Pilot" truckstop in Phoenix, Az..
Next to the truckstop is a Wafflehouse.
At the end of the evening I had my friends drop me off there.
I have eaten at this place several times and have
had a pleasant experience as I did last night.

When I finished eating and studying humanity,
I walked to my truck, looking forward to a good night sleep.
As I walked through the parking lot, I passed the security gaurd,
who proceeded to follow me in his car.
I walked to my truck, set my purse on the step
and started searching through it for my keys.
The security guard passed in his car,
and looked me straight in the eye.
The lighting was bad and the evenings festivities were effecting me a little.
I decided to walk over to the picnic table about 100 yards away,
where the light was better for me to find my keys.
As I did the security gaurd pulls up beside me and
I saw that he was wearing a Phoenix Police uniform.
He asked,"Do you have business here?" I said, "Excuse me?"
He said, "If you dont have business here, you are tresspassing."
I asked, "Why are you asking me this?"
He asked, "What are you doing on this lot"
I asked him, "Are you an on duty Phoenix Police officer?"
He said, "Yes" and again asked, "What are you doing on this lot?"
I asked him, "If you saw a man walking through here
would you approach him and ask the same thing?"
Then he says, "Look sir, maam or what ever the f@#$ your are,
its 2:00 am, I saw you walking from the Wafflehouse
and walk down between the trucks."
I said, "Excuse me, what did you just say to me ?"
To this he just rolled his eyes.
I asked him, "Did you see me break the law ?"
and then, "Are you keeping me from going where I wish ?"
As he gets out of his car he says, "We can do this the
easy way or the hard way!"
I guess I was supposed to be scared at this point.
I put my purse down and stretched out my arms for him
to put the cuffs on me and said, "Arrest me"
He said, "Take a step back.", to which I did.
Then he said, "Let me see your ID."
I said, "It is in my purse, do you mind if I reach for it?"
He said, " No, go for it." I handed it to him.
He then gets on his CELLPHONE and asks the person
on the other end, "Do me a favor, (insert cop gibberish codes)."
After a short wait he says, "Thank-you", hangs up
and hands me my CDL liciense back.
I said, " I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to walk
over to that picnic table, so that I can use the light to see to search
for the keys to my truck, as I was going to do before you stopped me."
After seeing that I have a CDL and hearing me say that
I need to look for the keys to my TRUCK,
he again asks, addressing me by the name
on my ID, "What are you doing on this lot?"   
I said, "I am a customer here."
He says, "Where." I said, "Here, earlier I spent $340.00 on fuel!"
He asks, "You have a truck here? Where is your truck?"
I pointed to it. Never looking where I'm pointing, he asks, "Which one?"
I said, " If you would care to look where I'm pointing
you would probably see it." He turned his head and looked,
then the trained observer asks, "The black one?"
There were no black trucks in the line I pointed to.
My truck is maroon. I said, "It's not black."
He rolled his eyes and asks, "The dark colored one?"
I said, "Yes." He gets back in his car.
Before he leaves I say to him, "Ya know, not
everyone dressed like this is a whore. I simply am a transsexual...."
He rolled his eyes and I said, "Oh forget it." and walked away.

Julie Marie:
Okay Heather, this may sound like I'm siding with the cop but I'm not.  From what I read you were instrumental in how things happened.  Instead of challenging him when he asked what you were doing you could have just as easily said you were looking for the keys to your truck.  If he started hassling you after that you would have had every reason to get defensive but honey, in my opinion, you provoked him.


I can understand why you would say that but....
Before I transitioned I could walk around a truckstop all night,
if I so choose, and never be asked a single question.
Now because I am a woman in a truck stop at 2:00 in the morning,
This ignorant, obnoxious bigot automatically assumes,
without seeing any crime or suspicious activity occour,
that I (dressed appropriately) or any other woman is a whore.
I knew from the git go this was the case.
I asked him several times, if he saw a man walking across
the parking lot, would he have approached him in the same manner.
He refused to answer me. I understand if he SAW me doing something wrong,
it would be something completely different.
This is a case of clear cut discrimination and bigotry, in my humble opinion.
Only problem is, it is his word against mine, no witnesses to what was said.
There were plenty of people watching from their trucks.


--- Quote from: heatherose ---Look sir, maam or what ever the f@#$ your are,
--- End quote ---

did he say that?  that is so %&#@ rude!  im also fed up with the police force; they're just a bunch of idiots who are constantly looking for ways to humiliate someone.  if i were you, i'd file a complaint.


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