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Given my hypersensitive nose and that never had much body odor I don't really use much parfume anyway. I always hated, with a vengeance, all those "male" sporty, minty smells? The only thing I every used was Boss Bottled (a rich smoky sent) but that was mostly because I could stand it, did not hate it, not because I liked it.

After years the bottle is almost empty and now I'm looking for something totally new. Something subtle, sophisticated and elegant. I would like something with a rich, subtile sweet, smell? Something androgynous/unisex leaning towards feminine would be ideal. I like fruity, honey, almonds, milky. But not vanilla! And I don't want smoky anymore.

Any suggestions?

Try Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene.. It's a kind of floral men's fragrance.. Has a touch of violets about it..


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