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Hunter's New Policy - Are They Telling TG's To Take A Hike?

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Julie Marie:
Hunters Night Club has a place in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  A lot of TGs go there and for some it is THE place to go.  They have held T-Girl get togethers on Sundays and seemed to have no problem with us.  Until now.

They just recently instituted a policy that says if the picture on your ID does not match the way you look in person you will not be allowed in.  This came to light when several TGs were turned away at the door last Saturday.  They say it's for security but it clearly targets TGs.

I could care less.  I hate the place.  It's loud and smoky and too far of a drive for me.  But many girls are really devastated by this.  One suggested that she go en femme with a GG who was in a wig and too much makeup.  If the GG got in then she would file a discrimination suit. 

I guess what really matters here is this club found a way to discriminate against us without it looking like discrimination.  I wonder how long they have been cooking this one up?



--- Quote from: Julie Marie on March 26, 2007, 05:11:47 pm ---I guess what really matters here is this club found a way to discriminate against us without it looking like discrimination.

--- End quote ---

They probably got a few ideas from homeland "security". ;)


Stormy Weather:
You need photo IDs to go clubbing in Chicago or the US? Truly weird.

Some clubs in edinburgh are like that, especially more dykey places, last time I went to a dyke club they near stip searched me and I had to put my 'mones in my bra because they were comfescating anything that could possibly be drugs, I really wasn't surprised that I was the only trans person (as far as i could tell) in that place, I was lucky I wasn't outed at the door.

You need ID's in the US to do just about anything, especialy go bar hopping or clubbing....  and Ive been hit by this form of discrimination before, but a few select places dont harrass me so I go to those instead  :)   I mean, afterall, if they dont my money, Id happly take it elsewhere... and even after I have a matching ID I still wont bother going back to those establishments.   :P on them LoL


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