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Hunter's New Policy - Are They Telling TG's To Take A Hike?

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Screw the law, it's insane and outright stupid! Laws should never impede lawful citizens from congregating, doing business, and enjoying their moral right to liberty.

-- Brede


--- Quote from: LynnER on April 08, 2007, 03:19:40 am ---On the ID question....  I havnt updated mine, though its expired because Im fighting on my name and marker change and I seriously dont have the money to pay for a new ID just to go back and pay for a new one again with in such a short period of time.....  to say money is tight would be an understatement.....

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Yeah, that s&#%s when money's tight. Having spent almost $100000 in alimony in the last 9 years I can understand that very well. It's too bad so many places make it hard to get proper ID as well. I changed mine in Washington state without a lot of problems. Got the new one and had to get another a week later when the paper work to change the gender marker came in.
I wish you the best of luck at all of it. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for your pay raise too.

Karen Lyn


--- Quote from: Julie Marie on April 08, 2007, 10:26:56 am ---Just an update:

Hunters has rescinded the policy and issued a statement saying they welcome TGs to all their establishments.  (They have several others in different states.)  They said the policy was intended to comply with local laws which state that the ID must match the persona.

Local community members feel the policy was instituted because Hunters was trying to eliminate those TGs who were using the place "to ply their trade".  I've heard many stories how T-girls go there to pick up a guy and then hit the motel next door.  One of the bouncers, who herself is TG, said that kind of activity is frowned upon.

The uproar has vanished and it seems all is well in Northern Illinois... for now.  Overall I feel the GLBT community and those catering to it have been alerted there are a lot of TGs out there and we can be a very vocal group when POd.


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Except in this case the local ordinance if enforced would violate Illinois gender identity non-discrimination law.  (I highly suggest you look it up).


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