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can I?

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If someone-a MTF -is attracted to women then classically they would be considered lesbian/gay wouldn't they and hetero is they were attracted to men?

As it has been pointed out gender is who you are, sex is what you do with your bits.

It seems that with regard to TG, the term "homosexual" is just a tad vague, as Leigh suggests.  When it comes to people who are the opposite gender of what they're born with, I would think a more absolute definition is a better way to go.  Instead of saying "I'm a MtF but I'm not gay," one could say "I'm a MtF but I'm attracted to women."  Because if you feel like a woman, and you're attracted to women, in many people's eyes that means gay, even if you're biologically male.

With regards to Flashzoom, it would seem you're in the same boat as many people here when it comes to TG vs. Sexuality.  I agree with everyone here who has already said that gender identity and sexual orientation are two completely different subjects, and someone may or may not be either or both.  It's like saying "I work in a school so does that make me a teacher?"

Hi Flashzoom,

For some TG's it is part of the process to fantasise themselves as a woman with a man. Many never act upon these fantasies. Fantasy is part of our Psyche and as such should not be confused with what we do and feel about the real world.

Having said that I have seen figures indicate that the percentage of homosexuality within the TG set differs litttle from the non-TG set.

My advice explore your feelings and don't suppress the real you.



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