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Um, OK Jess, I think now I might need clarification.  In your first post you wrote:
--- Quote ---Take the worst possible characteristic about you, the physical flaw about you that you are most concious about.  Put it on display for everyone to know.  Have it be the center of focus for everyone you meet, everyone you know, and everyone you speak to on a daily basis.  Imagine that flaw is HOW people react to you.

Then, one day, noone focuses on the flaw anymore and your free to be you.
--- End quote ---

But if the male presentation is what is/was considered to be the 'worst possible characteristic'.... then when people like Steph are living full-time as female, it's not really that people aren't focusing on the flaw, it's just that the flaw has disappeared....kind of like, if you suddenly had a huge wart removed from the tip of your nose (bad example, I know)...

Oh, by the way...a couple of you have mentioned 'sounding like a guy'.... I'll have you know that since coming to Susan's I've been much less self-conscious about the times when my voice is less-than-feminie(like first thing in the morning!) Or when I don't walk with as much poise as a lady 'should'...  I mean, I'm not a masculine girl at all as far as appearances are concerned, but some years ago when i wore my hair super-short, I was mistaken for a guy, and though ti was from a distance of maybe 20 yards away, I recall being angry and teary-eyed. If something like that, or even something more extreme than that, happened today, I don't think I'd bat an eye.  I couldn't, becasue it would be so trivial compared to the struggles I've seen discussed here.

Just my two cents' worth.  I gotta' run so you all can "tawk amonsgt you'selves"  (who was it that used to say that?)   



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