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A New Kind of Twin



--- Quote ---There are two basic twin types now, identical and fraternal, but a third type is the focus of a new discovery. The story of these one-of-a-kind twins begins after natural conception and an uncomplicated term pregnancy, when the newborns were brought to the attention of science because one is anatomically male and one has sexually ambiguous genitalia.
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tink :icon_chick:

Wow...that's really interesting...I'm going to be badgering my mentor about some of the concepts in this, I've got to find out more.

Interesting.  I'm a twin, but I've never had my chromosomes checked.


I knew a pair of "conjoined" twins, where one of them appeared and behaved very femme, and had male genitalia, while the other appeared and behaved very masculine, and had female genitalia.

After I met them, nothing surprised me anymore. And more importantly, I began to understand how wonderfully mysterious these things called gender and sexuality truly are? How very fluid these qualities we label as sexuality and gender really are?

Society keeps saying that certain people are the problem, but the truth is revealed that society's rules are the problem.


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