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David W. Shelton:
Thanks for taking the time to browse through the Spiritual forum here on! This board is for the spiritual expressions for all of us who have faith… no matter what that faith might be!

So if your quest… journey… or just a curiosity… is of a spiritual nature, this section is for you. Some of us are Christian (I’m not even going to start listing denominations!), some are Jewish, some are Buddhist, Taoist, Muslim, or Pagan, Wiccan, or just plain spiritual. That’s what makes the diversity of this board so wonderful. We all have an “idea” of what our spiritual makeup is. As for me, I’m just a burned-out-Pharisee that’s sick of BS religion. We all have a label.

So let’s encourage each other, and lift each other up. Let’s offer prayer, resources, ideas, and of course, support. But one thing is for sure… we’re not going to agree on everything. Heck, even those of us who have the same basic “label” of faith can’t agree. And you know what, that’s okay!

I read a statement from a local philosophy professor who said that the idea of faith, love, and hope transcends denominations, labels, and religions. There are basic truths that we all live by, and my hope is that as we build this forum we’ll be able to do something even more important: We can build each other up.

So if your desire is to post things that tear down a person’s faith or religion… ask yourself if what you’re about to post will add to the community. Some of us have been very hostile to religion… and that’s okay. I do have to ask, though... if you are completely convinced that faith is the same as delusion, what is your motive to post in this section?

I’ve seen quite a few people post that they don’t want anyone “praying for them” because they don’t want to be invaded by prayer. Yet in the same vein, I have to say that respect is a two-way street. Let’s respect each other. The discussion can (and usually will) be lively. But since faith is so personal, we need to be mindful of each other.

Everyone is, of course, welcome.


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