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I was Just wondering


I was just wondering if anybody on this forum has wrote a book on their life. Or thought about it. from the post that i have read. A lot of you would have a great book.

I have to agree, I imagine that there are some transitions out there that would make for excellent reading, far better than the documentaries, or other stories that the media has gotten their hands on.  It always seems that when that happens they always add a little spice here, and a little outrage there, just to make it interesting.

A bio would be great.  There are already several out there, but I'm not sure if anyone here has, or is in the process of doing it.  I've pondered doing it myself but I'm afraid that the final version would only be a few pages long and end up in the comic section of book stores  :D

Chat later,

Steph :)

Maybe you could make it into a pop-up book that might help ;D



Youve got a really cool sense of humor, Brandi  - Love it....
Making me laugh when I really think about the pop up book comment....

In response to your particular question - I'm sure I'll get there at some point...
Looking forward to publishing and i'm sure it will be REALLY good when I do....:angel:
I might even have to look into your pop-up book idea (brings some really interesting images to mind)....


Lovingly Always,



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