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Is it for me?

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I still haven’t had the time to read that article in the Wiki. I run a business online so the time I do spend online, is spent to better the business.

Wickham, it’s funny how you mention using people thinking I’m gay to my advantage. I did so without really knowing I did. The “school” problem has been happening for almost 2 years now. And after I count take it anymore, I decided to just do whatever I wanted to do. Doing so really pointed me towards why I came here. My mannerisms, my voice, my posture, all pointed towards “woman like”. My posture in how I walk, sit, and stand. Even arching my back. When I say voice, I mean the way a woman talks, how women kind of draw out their words. I really don’t know how to explain that better. All I needed was a wig and a dress, and it would probably been hard for people to know the difference, other than my having a “manly” body. Even though I was comfortable doing so, I was still uncomfortable at the same time. Like I could just start seeing over the top of the hill, to the other side. Since then I have reverted back to a more “Man like” state to keep the gay comments down. I still haven’t gone all the way back, but almost.

Since letting you guys know about some of my life, I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off me. It’s a nice feeling that someone else knows. And the “depression” has gotten better. Today, I hardly teared up thinking about “life”. Teared isn’t a word, but you know what I mean? Even though when I see my old friends I cant help but do it. I have so much anger towards them.

I really want to know more about this Gender Reassignment at birth issue. I guess I’ll “Google” that topic to learn more.

Since I have some spare time online tonight, I’ll try and finish reading that article in the Wiki.


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