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health insurance covered SRS: Anthem
« on: June 18, 2012, 07:51:00 pm »
My office is considering switching to Anthem for medical insurance. Anthem does, in some plans, provide coverage for SRS.

Has anyone here ever taken advantage of SRS coverage provided by Anthem? Anyone know how sufficient Anthem's SRS coverage actually is in practice? What I mean by that is, for example,  does it provide network equivalency coverage and which doctors does it send its members to?)

I'd like to encourage my office to include SRS coverage if it does switch to Anthem, but if Anthem's SRS coverage sucks anyway, that would't have much value and I should be encouraging my company to self-insure these additional coverage areas.

... and yes, I've read the SRS coverage document from Anthem and done a bit of research on this topic. I'm waiting for my company's insurance broker to call me back.