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Never seen a >.< like mine.

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I'm FTM. Recently however it's come to mind, I wonder if I was born intersexed. My mom always said if I'd been born a boy (little does she know I am one heh) she would've given me away. And on my vag, I have some flaps of skin that seem..odd. I don't really know what bio girl's vagina's look like but I've always had that odd flap of skin, and it makes me wonder if I had a penis. I have periods >.< and all that happy BS but eh. Do genetic girls have excess skin down there? Its sort of down in, don't know how to explain it. But just wondered if that's normal, or clues to look for to determine if I was castrated at birth, or something :-/


Could those flaps of skin be a hymen?

<http wiki Hymen> <-this URL has been munged due to the illustrative photos on the page.  You may reassemble the URL to follow the link.

Karen (not a prude by any means...)

Wow. I feel like an idiot now. Thanks for that link, that's what it is. I don't get in touch with those parts that don't belong there much so I had no clue >.<

Just curious..what would be some clues to look for that I was castrated at birth? I know, I'm too hopeful that I was really born a guy. :\

hmm. I don't know exactly what clues there would be, but I'm guessing there would be some physical evidence.

:P yeah..but I don't know exactly what kind of physical evidence to look for..scars..*feels dumb*


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