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Hmmm, I think a lot of people consider that they might be intersexed, especially since it leaves room for more reason than transsexuality. I don't mean to put you down in any way and say you're 100% wrong, but unless you had your doctor do tests, it's unlikely you'll know. Trust me, bud, we all know something went wrong down the line!  :)

If you have periods, that means you have a uterus and ovaries, which means there is no possible way that you were born male.

Actually Nip, 1 in 3000 babies is born with both, so that doesn't rule it out.


Dennis, then he'd have been born intersex, not male.  He's hoping he was actually born a guy.

A lot of intersexed people dont find out till adult hood so is it not possible this may have happened.


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